Psychedelic avatar & can't log in using iPad?

Hi everyone

After quite a struggle I finally managed to log in, but only on my husband's laptop, it didn't work on my ipad. I hope that doesn't mean the website is not usable on ipads? That would be really bad!

I have noticed that my avatar has gone all psychedelic. Does the rabbit look like that to you too?

It possibly got rather confused being called a koala HAHAHA.

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  • hi, koala im same havng difficulty signing in, my pic was same so changed it, hope it gets easier lol xx

  • lol yes the rabbit's at the disco :) So glad you managed to sneak off with hubby's laptop, now you need a plan to keep it until HU sort out the Ipad problem. LOL

    Anna xx

  • Loving the Parrot Koala, everyone has really struggled to get here today, its taking some getting used to eh? I,d just ignore the gremlins for now hun, they are a bit stroppy, don't like changes gremlins :D

    Glad to see you back though

    Karen xxxx

  • Hi

    I had to log in using my laptop.

    It now works on my I-pad as I am using for this reply

  • Hi koala, think it's just glitches that will get ironed out over time... See Stone's got an ipad to work... eventually :) Give it another whirl, but please keep the psychedelic bunny :d

    Sandra x x x

  • I logged in on my iPad but I don't think it is worth it!


  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your replies xxx

    Oh I will definitely keep the psychedelic bunny haha! If he stays like that that is, he might automatically change back to how he was before, I suppose it depends on the technical changes here (?)

    As for the technical things here, there seem to be a billion bugs, but at least we are here and managing to post. It took me a few minutes to get to this page, I kept getting an error message. Got here in the end though :-)


  • I had the same problem initially,on my iPad,loaded from Safari,smooth running then xx

  • Hi Koala

    My avatar has gone a bit like yours. Suddenly Northumberland doesn't look quite so appealing!!!!!!!!


  • Haha, I see what you mean! It looks like an upside-down desert with a green sky.

    How odd it affected our avatars and not others. SPOOKY!


  • My avatar has also gone psychedelic as you see. A sunny day on the pier looks very odd with this colouring.

    However right now I'm just glad to be here at all. For a few days I couldn't get logged in and was beginning to feel very left out!


  • Oh yes, you look very psychedelic there jabber!

    So far there seem to be the three of us who have gone all weird, I wonder why!

    Logging in here is nearly impossible, I almost gave up tonight then finally managed on the laptop and via the BLF homepage, it didn't work on the ipad at all this time.


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