My Results after Struggling to Get on Site

It has taken me hours to get on this new site, I nearly gave up.

My results wern't good, I have a tumour in the bottom of my right lung and a big swollen lymph gland in the middle of my chest.To top it off, the registrar did not get a big enough sample out of my lung to identify the type of cancer it is, so I have got to have another bronchoscopy, the consultant said he would do it this time as I had a bad time with the 1st .I have then got to go to Plymouth for a PET scan which apparantly will make all the cancer cells in my body glow.Lol!That puts a new meaning to the words " light up my life".Well, must go now, feel numb, but thank you all for your support.xxxxxGene

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  • HI I am so very sorry to hear the news about the tumour. have been thinking of you, It sounds like your Docs are on top of things Best of luck and keep us updated on your progress Take care and I know its easy to say but please don't worry

    Love julie xxx

  • Thank you JuliexxxxGene

  • So sorry too read this news,No wonder you feel numb,but on the bright side they can deal with it all now,and hopefully get on top of things. my thought and prayers are with you :)

  • Thank you poeticladyxxxGene

  • Oh Gene, sorry to hear your bad news. All the very best for a good outcome. Libby

  • Thank you libbyxxxGene

  • Oh, ((((((Gene)))))) big hugs! Not exactly what you wanted to hear, but I do agree with Julie, your medical team appear to be on top of this. Positive energy is heading your way! Take care of yourself, and do keep us up to date. I'll be thinking of you :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Thank you for big hugs SandraxxxGene

  • I am sorry you did not get good results and it seems that although you have to have another bronchoscopy, that your consultant is now there to give you the best of care. A friends partner is going through something similar, and has just started treatment by tablet to shrink the tumors he has, and from what I am hearing from him there are a lot of new and promising treatments out there now. Try not to worry too much

    love Anna xx

  • Thank you AnnaxxxGene

  • Oh dear Gene not good news at all, take care of yourself

    Ann x

  • Thank you AnnxxxGene

  • Gene, I,m so very sorry to hear your news, but as others have said, you seem to have a good team caring for you & all I can do is add my very best wishes for the road ahead



  • Thank you KarenxxxGene

  • Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure. Hopefully, they will get you sorted out.

    Lynne xx

  • Thank youLynnexxxGene

  • Oh dear, dear Gene not the most fabulous news but you're still with us, they've found it and now they can sort it. We'll just have to doubly cheer you up now so sending oodles and oodles of smiles, gentle hug and a mwah :) xx

  • Awe thank you scrobbittyxxxGene

  • Awe thank you scrobbittyxxxGene

  • Sorry about your news Gene I do not know what to say but it sounds like you will get good care. Big Hugs xxx


  • Thank you JanetxxxGene

  • That news must have knocked you sideways! Try and keep your chin up.


  • Hi Gene I have to admire the way you've taken the news I would be climbing the wall !

    I reckon that shows a strength of character few posses, if anybody can fight this thing I'd put my money on you. It's a new site as you know so even I it's a bit of a trial keep in touch and let us know how things are for you.

    All the very best,


  • Thank you Chris, I just got to try to keep focus.xxxGene

  • so very sorry to hear your news, am sure you will get lots of support here and with your treatment, good luck with it all and a big ((((((hug))))) xx

  • Thank you willow girlxxxGene

  • Sorry to read your worrying news (((((((hug))))))))

    My very best wishes, I hope the further tests go well and that your good medical team can help xxxxxx

  • Thank you Koala.xxxxGene

  • Oh dear Gene,was praying for better news for you.Big hugs,you are handling it so well.

    You are allowed to have a little weep you know,& feel a little sorry for yourself,life can be cruel at times.

    On the positive side,there is treatment,& prayers going your way,that there will be happy outcomes for you,it is wonderful, what they can do today.

    Will be thinking of you,do keep coming back,although you are going to be so busy,just a quick line will do,for all your friends here.

    Do you have family support?

    Love & hugs,


  • Hugs!! Love and Prayers are heading your way. I can't add any more to what the other good people on this site have already said.


  • Hi Gene

    Only just managed to log in on the site today and read your post.

    I'm so sorry for your bad news, my thoughts are with you and hope the treatment is all it should be.

    Try and be positive there so many things they can do.

    All my love.


  • Dear Oakengrange, I'm so sorry to hear this news of yours. Agree with everyone else's thoughts and good wishes. I'm hoping that you have family and friends close by to support and care for you.

    Lots of caring and support for you here. I wish the best outcome for you. Penelope x

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