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September last year was the last time I can honestly say that I was in the early stages of an exacerbation. Fortunately my emergency pack of meds had the desired effect. I had a good winter with no major flare ups and was surprised by how mobile I had stayed throughout winter and spring. My better half Lilian has taken voluntary redundancy so we are now free to go and cruise about on the canals to our hearts content with no time limits , we were going on a two month trip to Llangollen in north wales , starting on the 4th july. guess who came down with a chest infection!!. The emergency pack has now been used its about 4 or 5 days since I had had the last prednisolone so fingers crossed the trip now starts this Saturday morning. one last thing, I havn't been on here for a while so have no idea of whats going on, But during my absence I have had a glance every now and again. Its a good site with some brilliant contributers. Dont let the bad guys win. GORDON DONT GIVE UP SOME THING THAT YOUR VALUED FOR, AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO YOU. Best wishes to friends old and new . Chris

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Really lovely to hear from you again Chris, you were missed. Llangollen is lovely, I lived nine miles away towards Bala for eleven years - so know it well. Roll on Saturday and the start of many adventures, which I and many I suspect would love to hear about. Here's to a quick recovery and fun times :) xx


Wishing you a fabulous trip. Let us know how it all goes. Enjoy! TAD xx


Great to hear your news Chris, you've got the perfect weather. Hope you manage your Llangollen trip. I have walked along the Llangollen aquaduct and that was scary enough, have a good trip and summer and no more infections, be sure to come back and let us know how you're getting on.

Lib x


I would love to hear more about your travels....isn't there a big canal viaduct in N Wales..or is that somewhere else?

Just a thought have you got another rescue pack from your gp before you go


Chris, you've been gone so long - then you're back and gone again.

We won't be here when you get back, she's already won, the place is a wreck.

Have a great time will think of you often.



May I wish you & Lillian a memorable trip(memorable for the right reasons!)

How wonderful that you can charter your own lives now,with Lillian's early retirement,I wish you both many happy trips!

Yes,as others said,we have missed you,but great to hear you are keeping busy,

Pop in, every so often,

Love & hugs to you both,

Wendells xxx


I've been wondering where you've been, fellow boater. Great to see you back ! :)


Welcome back CanalChris

Hope you keep clear of the chest infections for the rest of the year.

Wishing you and Lillian lots of happies cruising about on the canals :)

Best wishes BC


Hi Chris. There is someone on here called Exblonde who goes on the canals a lot. Very dangerous woman in boat. If you see her go full astern immediately. lol Have a great cruise. I am in the Black Country, the Venice of England.



Enjoy the trip xx


Oh Welcome Back Chris!!!

I was going to get on my bike and come and find you if you hadn't turned up soon ;)

You are so lucky being able to pick up your home and go where you will (health permitting x) You enjoy your trip and just spare us stuck in bricks and mortar a thought occasionally




Great to see you back and all that lovely freedom now!

Lynne xx


So sorry to hear that you have been poorly Chris I will keep my fingers crossed that you keep well and can enjoy your trip to Wales

Please Take good care

Julie x


Welcome back canalchris, I hope you are here to stay now & are soon enjoying enjoying the lovely LLan canal, its just up the road from me I know it well




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