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Inside Health on Radio4....Xenon gas trials for lung function

Had the radio on and heard by accident on Inside Health programme about trials at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford...they are asking patients to inhale Xenon gas and then they are MRI scanned.

The gas can show how the lungs are functioning as well as the structure of the lung...which parts are receiving oxygen.

Think I got it right...its on the Radio 4 website...last item on the programme

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Yes, knitter, I heard that too. It will be very interesting to hear about the findings of these trials, and if this sort of testing will be rolled out throughout the country :)

Good blog :)

Sandra x x x


That sounds very interesting, thank you for letting us know xx


Got it playing now for a listen ............. thanks for the heads up knitter. :) xx


And listened - that was fascinating and good to see productive research being done - another big step forward.


I have just had a VQ scan using xenon gas. I had this done to find out if I was suitable for the new valve procedure. I don't get any results till 18th august, so cant tell you any more.



Best best wishes for the right outcome for you Ingrid. It sounds like an amazing procedure this xenon gas thing.


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