Blood Tranfusion

Many thank for you wishes and messages , very much appreciate.

First the good news everything went welll

Now the bad news, I still never seen a pint of the red stuff, I had maybe one third of a pint of immunoglobulin clear white liquid that to 5 hours to go through the system

Whilst I thought that this was going on for only a year, the Staff Nurse had told me that because I have one of the rarest problems with the antibodies It is now a lifetime job every 3 weeks. (Hope she does not want a christmas card.)

Because of my condition now the antibodies which went into my blood today will be gone within the 3 weeks, however signs of improvement to my chest infections will be seen after the second lot goes in and that is on the 30 July.

Again thanks a lot for all your good wishes.

Berwick xx

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Oh dear,so sorry to hear you have to go through that every 3 weeks.chin up.i will be thinking of you.good luck :)

Today was the worst part over. I know now what to expect next time. Thank you Jambo

Berwick xxx

Glad you're home, and am glad it went well. I know that must sound daunting to be told a life time job, but I think maybe as you begin to feel better you will hopefully just be pleased that there is something they can do to make things a bit better for you. sending my love

anna xxx

Thanks Anna worst part was finding the vein lucky today I was only stabbed twice before they hit blood. Lol

Berwick xx

Sorry to hear you have got to do this for life, but hopefully it will help you in the long run. X

Thanks chellshock. Nothing phases me anymore, you have got to accept what you have got. My lungs will never get better but my antibodies might just help. What a thought no more chest infections whoopee.

Berwick xx

That's the right way to look at it. No more chest infections would be a good thing indeed. Glad it is going okay for you xxx

Well, what kind of a wimp are you then? Only managed a third of a pint? I thought you could down them better than that! Ha ha. Have yourself a real drink now. Glad it went well for you and hoping you soon feel the benefits. ;) xx

Thanks Toci, they only gave me that much. When I came home I had a real drink, a nice cup of tea as I don't touch the other stuff.

Berwick xx

Tea is sometimes the best drink in the world. :)

I know someone who has this done every 3 weeks, its made the quality of her life better.

She is only 24 but has adjusted well to this programme, hopefully you will be the same.

Good luck.


Thanks Peta, Yes my theory is always look on the bright side of life. There is always someone prepared to help you somewhere. In my case it has been my immunologist who sat down studied all my blood results over a period of time, realise that I had little or no antibodies or protein in my blood and this is give gift to me. A change maybe down the line. So at least I am happy, he put me on long term antibiotics take the mon , wed fri. THis is the first winter I have been infection free. Until the spring that is.

Thank you

Berwick xx

The young girl I was talking about had a stroke at 14 years old and has lupus among other things, so not the same as you but I'm sure the results will be the same.

Lets hope you will be infection free this winter.

Take care


Sorry to hear you have to repeat it every 3 weeks. Hopefully you will really feel a boost from the treatment, like the girl slade knows.


Thanks Kola if you read my message to slade it will hopefully answer a few questions.

Many thanks

Berwick xx

Once every three weeks Berwick? Bliddy 'ell. Mind you, it beats the alternative mate.

Regards from Bobby

Thanks Bobby, I would rather play find the vein every three weeks than being laid down by infection after infection. I was only stabbed twice today and that it a good start.

Keep smiling, keep laughing, you a long time dead.

Berwick xxx

Hi Graeme, I hope you'll find the benefits will outweigh the sacrifice of time spent having a transfusion once every three weeks. My hubby did. Take care my friend :)

Sandra x x x

Thanks Sandra, you must be positive, as I said to slade, there is always some one somewhere looking after you. I am lucky my immunologist took time to study my blood results in great depth and found out the problem with my antibodies. I am on long term antibiotics from him and I was also infection free all winter

until the spring. I have got faith in him and will to go the whole hog. Next drop of juice 390 July. Should take less time. Hopefully

Thank you again

Berwick xxx

Hi Berwick, I,m sure the staff will soon be your best buddies & sending you cards :D I,m sure you have them laughing all day the way you make us laugh,

The benefits will out weigh the downside & you will soon be feeling the good side of it all, Roll on July30th :)

Take care

Karen xxxx

Thank Karen, seemingly whatever is wrong with my blood and antibodies is quite rare so I am told today by the Staff Nurse . I cannot do nothing easy . Lol. Totally agree what your saying, I always have a laugh when the nurses say which is you best vien and I reply try the jugular in my neck because I am you living nightmare. Show a needle to my veins and they just collapse. She done a good job today only got stabbed twice before she hit the red stuff. he he Always look on the bright side of life, it can only get better. Thank you consultant immunologist you're a star. Next showing 30 July.

Berwick xx

With the attitude of hunt the vein every three weeks, it will be a doddle Graeme. You cheerfulness and humour touches me - keep grinning Sir :) xx

Thank you scrobbitty. I know what's it's like to feel bad and if I can i will add a bit of humor to it and give at least someone who's down just gives them a wee smile and I am happy. . About 2 years ago I was taken to hospital and the consultant came to me and told me that i had pneumonia My reply was Ock well it will keep the COPD and Bronchiectasis company doc said no it won't pneumonia is in the right lung COPD is in the left. Now that is what you call lucky white heather (NOT) Lol.

Keep Smiling Scrobbitty

Berwick xxx

A fellow good luck, bad luck person - fun isn't it - the only way is to do it with good grace and a huge grin :D xx

Poor you Berwick. Wouldn't like to have to go through that. But you are stoical and strong. Always keep your great sense of humour and you will get through this. :)

Bev x

Thanks Bev, sometimes you have to accept what you've got and if they are going vien hunting every time so be it as long as they find blood quick. You can only be stabbed 3 times by any one nurse and then the Nurse has to give up then another takes over stabbed another 3 times then it is the Docs turn. No blood then you just have to go back the next day for them to try again. Been close to that one he he he. xxx

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