Other HU forum has announced update info

Other HU forum has announced update info

I thought BLF forum members might like to know what has been announced on another HU forum.

Posted 3 hours ago (now 8pm Tue):




Hi All

We have this info from HU Tech:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for patiently waiting for new platform launch to take place.

We hit another road block today that is now ironed out, so there are only some last minute details to sort before the site will go down.

Because of the delay, we now expect the site to go down tomorrow morning. As a result, you may carry on using the site as usual until this happens, although we are aware that no notification emails are coming through. You'll have to bear with us on that.

We anticipate for the site to only be down a few hours tomorrow morning. Either way there will be a notice when you visit your community that it is not available. You will also receive an email when the new site is launched.

Again we very much appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly to get the new site up and running.





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Thank you for posting this, very handy to know x

You're welcome, Chellshock xxx

Hope your well and have had a good day xxx

Oh thank you, that is really sweet xxxx

It's sunny here and I had to work this afternoon but I've got lovely colleagues and nice students so my day was quite nice. I got a parking ticket though GRRR because the places for permit holders were full... I've got a permit because I work in the building but it's in the town centre.

I am feeling so happy with my lung doctor who i saw yesterday, and that he has put me in his pulmonary programme so I get full check-ups every 3 months and can go to see him whenever I want, on the same day too if I feel it's necessary. It really makes me feel well looked after.

How was your day? xxxx Hope you are coping with the heat ok xxx

Not good news about the parking ticket. Great stuff that you can see your lung specialist when you need to.

my day had been okay, heat has been getting to me so been sitting near the fan xxxx

Hope you feel the heat less tomorrow xxx

The parking ticket is a pain, people said the price has gone up recently. Hope it isn't too ridiculous!


Fingers crossed it will be a little cooler. Hope the fine is not too much. Xxx

Thanks xxxx

Keeping my fingers crossed too that it's cooler where you are tomorrow xxx

Thankyou for the info koala.lets see what happens tomorrow !! Xxx

Thanks for that koala, and good timing for me if it does happen tomorrow morning because i'll be at my last PR session.

anna xxx

Hope you enjoy your PR xxxx

I thought we should all know because people might otherwise worry their laptops aren't working or the whole forum has disappeared for good.

Much appreciated :)

You are welcome Jambo xxx

Thank you Koala for showing such kindness to us old and feeble persons. he he he.

Love from Bobby xxxx

We do have to look after society's vulnerable and aged population xxx

haha ;-)


Well, at least someone, somewhere was on the ball. Thanks for posting the update on what's happening :)

Sandra x x x

I happened to notice it and thought we could do with knowing. I will keep checking and report any further info


Thanks Koala, this is very good of you, I was beginning to think I had read Marks blog wrong & it was next Tuesday :o so glad to know it,s not me!!

Hope you are well & coping with the heat where you are :)



You are welcome xxx

Who knows, I don't know if this info is right either, but at least it was something, otherwise we wouldn't know anything really.

Thanks, I actually feel better in the hot weather, when it's dry that is like today. It could be because I only have asthma, I'm not sure! Hope you are coping with the high temperatures, I have read how it affects a lot of people extremely badly xxxxxxx

Koala you are an Angel.I was at my whits end


It's worrying when we don't know what's going to happen to the forum xxx

I've just had another look where I found the update at the beginning of this blog, and one hour ago they said this:



The planned work should now be taking place tomorrow morning and normal (hopefully upgraded) service will resume after that! :)

Please bear with us (and HU tech) whilst we get things running smoothly!





Thank you for that Koala x

Bev x

You're welcome xxx

I will check it regularly and update it here if I read any more info.


Thanks so much for the update Koala where would we be without you eh

I was truly bafffled but hey that's not hard for me with all the med's I am on now and too much sun too. Going to try to venture out in it today see how I get on, did'nt cope with it at the weekend at all.

so glad to hear you have a great lung doctor they are worth there weight in gold. I'm lucky with mine they are both brilliant.

Take care .

love Julie


Thank you for the update, Koala, much appreciated. xx

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