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For the last couple of days I have had to use my nebuliser more than I have been doing previously does anyone know what maximum use is. I am using salbutamol and saline.

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I would check with your doc jandan, as prescribed or you could find the information in the leaflet that comes with the neb meds.

If you start getting the shakes this could be an overdose in the meds, and overdose in something else or you may be coming down with something else that gives you the shakes ;)

Hi there! I think you should check with your pharmacist or GP, as there may be other factors that need to be taken into consideration. For example, other meds and/or medical conditions. If you're needing to neb a lot more than usual you should probably check in with your GP anyway.


Good advice here I think. Otherwise, why not try the BLF? If you advise them what meds you are taking they may be able to help. x

Hi Jandan, sorry to hear you are having to use the neb more frequently. I hope it's just the hot weather has you needing it and you're not poorly.


I asked the same question last week to someone on the chest ward in the hospital and i

was told it is safe to take 5ml 4 times a day . But i only take 5 ml 3 times a day.

But ask your doctor first.

I was told the same as David12, I have needed my nebuliser more this week...I take Combivent in mine.

Do you need to talk to your health practioner if your breathing getting worse?

The weather here is cooler and greyer here today and it is easier for me to breathe, but I don't know what it is like where you live.

Take care


My husband has been told to take his nebuliser as much as he needs it. When he was very ill earlier this year I spoke to the respiratory nurse and she said use it every hour if need be but to watch for side effects eg. shaking, heart racing etc. She explained that if he was taken into A & E the nurses would use the neb. back to back as much as four or five times. Having said that it was in extreme circumstances. As far as the saline is concerned, we were told he could use it as much as he needed it.

I suspect that the weather isn't helping your breathing - my husband is pretty bad at the moment. Perhaps you could ring the helpline and you may need to visit your Doctor to reassure and advise you of the best dosage.

Take care. TAD xxx

Thanks for the answers I have spoken to my GP and I can take the Salbutamol up to 4 times a day and the Saline as often as I think I may need it. The thing is that because I have been feeling so out of sorts I have lost some of my confidence in doing things.

Thanks again



That is exactly what I was told too: salbutamol maximum 4 times but the isotonic (0.9%) saline however often I want.

I do get shaky and a fast heart rate from salbutamol, but at the same time it really opens the airways very, very quickly I find.


You can use 3 times per day I use mine that amount each day

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