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Well I never!!

I have been waiting for my hospital appointment to come through and as the holidays are coming up I thought I would phone and check when it would be because of having to have someone with me. I spoke to a lovely lady and explained why I would like to know due to this.

She said to me and these were her exact words "Would it be more convenient for you and your family if you could have a Saturday appointment" So of course me being me replied "Is the Pope Catholic" She wasn't joking I thought she was being a little sarkie and I did say sorry, but No, my Consultant now does a clinic every other Saturday! How about that. I now have an appointment on the 21st at 1.30 even the times are for the convenience of the patients the first is 9.30 because of meds and things.

I had to pinch myself but the hospital has even sent an email already to confirm this appointment. I think I may still wake up from my dream :)


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That is great news. X

One of my favourite phrases you used there Janet. The other one has bears in it :O xx

Excellent service from your hospital and consultant, others could take a leave out their book.

Hope you get all the information you need and let us nosy ones know the outcome pretty please :)

Ok i admit I'm thick, bears and the pope ? :O

Not bears and the pope, two different sayings, one with the pope and the other with bears LOL :) x

Isn't it nice to hear of something working right in the NHS at last, so glad it has helped you Janet

Take care



You never did, did you, they tried to get me in on a Saturday, but 8.30 is not on, but a weekend app' is great, the hospital is fairly quiet and things seem do get done more efficiently, :)

Excellent news, think this is a result of consultants not being in at the weekend. So now they are and can be called if an emergency crops up. Nice to think he is making himself useful.

Lovely to have you back

love Tina x :)

God grief, Janet. Have you woken up yet?


Oh well done, glad you got a Saturday, what a difference it makes when you get a nice service, and a friendly person helping you. Bet you can't stop smiling.

:) anna xxx

Great news! xxx

That's super news Janet. Do let us know how you get on :)

Sandra x x x

Good news Jan, please let us know how you get on.

My son had his MRI scan done a few years ago on a saturday, the place was empty so we were straight in and out it was great

Good luck

Love Julie xxx

have heard of weekend appointments happening quite often now, they certainly seem to be easier to deal with than at busy week times xx

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