First Blood Transfusion

Today I am away to the Heath Hospital in Cardiff for the 1st of my 3 weekly Blood transfusions.

As I have said that my blood is no longer producing enough antibodies and protein so for the next 12 months I am attending the hospital every 3 weeks for a blood transfusion. Today is an all day job.

Having never drank alcohol for many a year, this will be something new having a pint.

Lastly to the person who has donated their blood to help me thank you so much and I will be ever in your debt.

Breath Easy my friends and have a great day.

Berwick xxx

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  • Take care


  • Better take a good book with you Berwick and just relax.Take care.Genexxxxx

  • Thinking of you Berwick, and yes thanks to the person who donated their blood to help you. Take care,

    Lib x

  • Hope it goes ok.xx

  • Take care x

  • "Cheers" to that pint. x

  • Good luck, hope everything goes smoothly. xx

  • Your cheerfulness despite the long day ahead is wonderful, Graeme. :) xx Warm wishes.

  • Enjoy your pint Graeme


  • I hope you do not have to down the pint in one?

    I hope it helps you feel better! It should be a bit of a tonic!



  • Good luck hope it goes well for you! TAD xx

  • Happy slurpin' Graeme. Remember that one pint is plenty.


  • Good luck Graeme, and hopefully you'll soon feel the benefits :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Good luck & a big well done to all blood donaters, I had to have a transfusion after my heart attack, & I,ve got funny blood :) rare it is, like me :D

    Hope you feel better soon after



  • Good luck at the Heath....hope you found somewhere to park...I remember it well!

  • Hope it's really helped. My husband had very many of these so the kids and i still give blood when we can.

    When he was still alive my daughter organised a give blood get together in Ealing, there were 20 of us! Much more fun than doing it alone and he felt a lot of love from it

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