Newbie Question What Are the Rules on This Forum?

I don't know how else to get this information & sorry if I've did this wrong. Apart from the advice of

Please do this:

Be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and experience

Be in the spirit of the site: to share, inform and support

Please don't do this:

Name and shame identifiable individuals

Be abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading

What are the Rules? Totally confused & scratching my head on what is & is not acceptable (having read the blogs). Using the search function for rules, it came back with "There are no search results matching your criteria".

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There are no real rules. Just don't be nasty. As you'll see people post about anything (some agree this should be so, others feel it should be a little more restricted) but posts which are nasty or cruel can be reported.

How this helps


Thank you Marie. Judy x

Good Morning Judy,

The HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines (this applies right across healthunlocked site, not just the BLF community) can be view by clicking on the Help tab, top right next to your name.

Then look for Community Guidelines on the left hand side. Where it says there are 6 articles, just click view all.

What you have posted above is applicable.

Also links to information pages can be accessed by clicking on Healthunlocked top left, then look down to the bottom of the page. Privacy Statement, Terms of site us, FAQ and more can also be accessed from this page.

Hope that helps.

My apologies, I tried using the search function when I should have used Help. Judy x

Hiya Judy

Just follow the community rules, be nice to everyone, answer any questions people may have if you are competent to do so and remember that the men are in charge at all times.

Bobby xx

Thank you for your advice. Is a difference of opinion allowed Bobby? I march to the tune, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules. Judy

Of course it is Judy. Just raise your hand and say to the nearest man "Permission to speak, sir".

Bobby xxxx

Ha Ha! Hardly! Judy

Just be nice. x

I always try to be truthful and nice. Judy x

With the advent of the new layout on the site, there may possibly be a new set of guidelines given. :) xx

Thank you for reminding me about the new layout. Maybe the new one won't be as confusing for newcomers. Judy x

And Judy, take no notice of any man who tells you to remember that the men are in charge at all times. ;)

Ha Ha! I think that was said in jest. My response however, was not. Judy x

Hi and welcome July. The only rules are you have to wear red when blogging and blue when posting! :) :d :p

Bev x

Hello Bev I am wearing a red, white & blue kaftan. Will this be suitable? & how do you do the yellow smiley faces? Judy x

Point to the smiley's with your mouse, hover there, and you will see how each is made. :)

Oh, and be careful not to have a full stop, comma or anything either immediately before or after it. So a smile like this :) would be a colon and a closed bracket sign with a space either side of it.

Thank you, most helpful. Judy x :)

As a newcomer I will let you off this time judy! :) :( :p :d

They are the only ones I know... :)

bev xx

Sorry but I have to agree with Bobby ;) welcome Judy xx

Sorry Jambo, but I think BC is right

The Witch


Most hurt now boo hoo ;)

I'm a bit outnumbered here.come on fellas..HELP lol xx

Your apology is accepted. ;) Judy x

I have absolutley no idea what the rules are Totally confused I am..

Where is the new site ? am I missing something as this seems exactly like the old one to me, however I am fairly new to these new fangled computer thingy ma jigs

Julie xxx x

Nothings changed yet Julie, Mark has said there is a delay with changes but didn't specify how long a delay it would be!!!

So carry on as usual,

Karen xxxx


Sorry Judy, Forgot to say Welcome, hope you enjoy our site, for the most part we are a lovely bunch :)



Thanking you . Witchy for you reply about the new site. think theres a lot of confused peeps out there at the moment too.

Hope your doing OK now and coping with the heat ?

love Julie xx x xx

I,m MELTING hun, but gona have bath to cool down :D

I know we shouldn't complain about nice weather after the winter we had, but honestly, why on earth cant we just have average heat & average cold!! ah well thats my moan over LOL

Hope you are coping Julie

Karen xxxx

Could today be the day for the new look. Wish everybody good day. I will be going to the market and to the doctor. Routine visit asked by him. Nothing to say at the moment apart from swollen ankles. Weather forecast for today, cloudier and cooler at least in the east.

Me too with the swollen ankles Annie never had it so bad as now and I am sure it's the excessive heat making it worse

Good luck with the Doctors and hope you get some bargains at the market too.

Glad to hear it is going to be cooler that has cheered me up, as had to spend the last few days in bed. maybe able to get something done today then

Hope your Brian is well Please take care of yourself too

Love Julie


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