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Lung cancer Advert

I love the new lung cancer advert.

It took three years of coughing and antibiotics, then finally me insisting they send me for lung function tests for me to find out i have emphysema.

Now my docs just need to take note of the advert.

Or will they do as they did with me and just keep telling me i am fine and just have a chest infection and everything is fine.

Hope everyone is in good spirits with the fine weather we are having.


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My dad went back and forward for a couple of years before his lung cancer was diagnosed. By the time it was, it was too late and he died 4 months after diagnosis. I haven't seen the new advert, don't know if it's going to be shown in Scotland, but anything that raises awareness must be a good thing.


It sounds as though you have had a rather raw deal there Gaz. When the health system fails a person they do it big style it seems. Spirits are fine here and wish you the same :) xx


Lets hope they make less mistakes now with the new advert. They may have failed me so far but hopefully less people will now.


I went to my gp and said I had been coughing for about 3 months, sent me for an X ray that day and 2weeks later I was told I had COPD. It wasn't quite but still never mind . This was as a result of a very similar ad.


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