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hot weather tip to add to BlakeyC's good advice

Evian water in a small aerosol spray.

It may be a few bob in Boots but it lasts ages and the fine mist is always very cool. Added bonus, it doesn't spill in you bag or pocket.

Like Manuka honey, YOU'RE WORTH IT

As well as the little fan it's very beneficial. I think they do something to the nerve endings in your face to alter your breathing (sorry cant be more technical).

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Never thought of trying that. I take it that ordinary cold water in a spray bottle would be similar, or is the spray too big?

Running your wrists (palms up) under the cold water tap can cool you down too. I think it might be something to do with cooling the blood which is a bit nearer the surface there.


in the aerosol it's pressurised so comes out cold as though from fridge, I used to fly a lot & to very hot countries and it was so useful (now I use it to tell my dog off). It's small & doesn't leak and is no bother - except the cash. Mines lasted years.

Re the face, I heard it was something to do with nerve endings connected to breathing reflex es or something. Sorry rubbish memory today.

I tend to drink hot (but not too ho) decaf tea when it's hot weather, I've got this funny theory that if you have something hot the body tries to cool down & if you have very cold drinks the body tries to warm you up! Either way, I'm not at all fond of very cold drinks. Ice belongs in a GnT :)


Doesn't it dry your face out?


the flying? Yes to that but the Evian re-hydrated it. It worked well. I'm middle aged now but look 12 (joke). xx


So, do you use it daily, not just in hot weather? Thinking as in using it to complement moisturising?


Hi, no not really. I think I read that years ago and I think that was the original idea as well as helping against jet-lag, that's why I bought the 1st one..

Hmmm, perhaps I'll give it a go. I do have very dry skin.


Wrists under cold water is a good tip, as is using cold water or covered ice on hands, feet, face and ears, as they all radiate body heat.


Hi peeg, that's precisely what I do and did today :) when out, ( water spray on face and hand held fan, bliss). I use the pump action one though. I used to use the aerosol before having the lung condition but don't use aerosol's now.

Also I use a cooling towel around my neck which I find really helpful..

I'd forgotten about the cold water over wrists, thanks carrie.

Thanks peeg for your blog.




I've ordered my hand-held fan (well, four of them actually - I'm always losing things) and they are being delivered tomorrow. Can't wait.

I soak a little guest towel in water, wring it out and then put it in the freezer for a little while - putting that around your neck is absolute bliss (I have four guest towels too (lol) so that when I use one from the freezer I put another one in). Don't leave them in the freezer too long though or they come out as stiff as a board!!!

Carrie's suggestion about running cold water over your wrists is great too.

Love and hugs




LOL, actually that cooling towel goes harder when it dries and tends to gravitate to a horizontal position. you can imagine how that looks when worn around the neck. ha ha Its a good indication it need re soaking. :)

Great idea with the guest towels :)


The lol was regarding the stiff guest towels.

Enjoy the fans :) I think more than one is a must too and a supply of AA batteries if that is what the fans use.


Good idea BC. I had a look but I'm a bit strapped for cash at the mo.

My mad money saving thing this week is to have a quick wipe with a Huggies baby wipe (99p for 70) then use it to wipe the floor or dust the skirting boards or something equally gross.

I said it was mad, never mind, it takes all sorts :D

After living in hot climate I'm in the habit of having a quick warm shower about 4 times a day. PG


LOL, you could pop them in the freezer too I guess and get a cooling baby wip :D luv it x x


ha Ha wipe I meant not wip lol. of course a mr whippy would be good too ;) x


Even better idea! Will try the fridge 1st (and then my lodger will think I've really flipped when he sees baby wipes in my Smeg)!

I'm also in the habit of wearing a sarong when I get up (and all day long unless I go out) if anyone calls it doesn't look like I just got out of bed in a nightie (I hope).

I just went across the road to the park to walk the dog, in sarong. Got a few funny looks but luckily I didn't bump into anyone I knew :D :D


PS I like your new pic


thanks, me too :)


Fab :) puts a bit of fun into life. Have to say its been that hot these past few nights I've been sleeping in my very cool floaty sun dress, easy peasy when the post man knocksl. I don't think I could manage a sorong in a hurry, would have to have lessons :D


yeah, if you dont get it right they fall off! I've got 10 fine cotton ones. Wash & dry in a flash.

This weather makes me so happy. I think I was born in the wrong country. I'm having a celebratory GnT, me, who hardly ever drinks! :D

... back to Hampton Court Flower Show on BBC 2


I've never found the handheld fans much good. Maybe I haven't tried a 'proper' one. The ones I've had over the years don't seem to have been very strong.


The one I have doesn't pin you against the wall when you switch it on, but I find it very cooling especially after spraying the face with water first. the one I have runs on 2 AA batteries and has a built in fold a way stand as well as useful.


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