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Recently diagnosed

I attended GP and Nurse last Tuesday for spirometry as they thought I may have Asthma. FEV1 reading was 73.

Was told it was moderate COPD and I was too stunned to take it all in. I am going to go back and get more info and advice.

I was given Salbutamol and Beclometasone inhalers.

I am still feeling breathless even with using them. It is so hot these last few days and could that be the reason?

My nose is blocked and that makes me panic when cant breath. I can breath ok via mouth. Could blocked nose be hayfever/allergy related or is it symptom of COPD.

This is a long shot and probably me in denial but is it possible my reading of 73 was due to being stressed?

Many thanks

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Hi twinks,

Firstly, welcome to the club. You are rather early in your copd career so take a breath and don't panic.

The pollen has been high and the heat doesn't suit everyone so it is highly probable that the conditions are making things a little difficult for you.

When you go back to the doctors take notes. Write down if he diagnoses asthma, copd, hayfever or all three? He seems to be treating you for asthma at the moment, perhaps he will review your medicines! Find out what you have, then learn about it and find out how to manage your problems!

Above all. Don't panic! It rarely helps.

Best wishes



Hi twinks, welcome. Really good advice from Kevin and also you can ring the BLF helpline between 10am and 6pm Monday to Friday, where you can speak to a BLF nurse about any queries or concerns you have. Libby x


Hello and welcome to the site.


Hi twinks, welcome, so sorry you are having difficulty at the moment, I would check with the helpine as advised above.

Its good you are going back to get some more advice from the doc, while there ask your GP or respiratory nurse for a referral to a pulmonary rehabilitation course, this will help you manage your symptoms better. The BLF helpline will be able to advise you more on this as well. Check the site search box for videos on Pulmonary Rehabilitation if you want to find out more about it.

Its not easy for many of us at the moment with the high temperatures and very high pollen situation.

Take good care.



Hello Twinks

What Kevi and LIbby say above is good advice.

The 'Don't panic' is really good advice but is very difficult not to panic when you are really short of breath (SOB). I know exactly what you mean - I still panic now and again if I'm SOB.

I've been told that I have COPD/emphysema but I am still waiting for my spirometry test (I've been told I have to be off antibiotics for at least six weeks before I can have the test).

I really go out of my way not to make myself breathless - I take my time doing everything and if I feel the slightest bit SOB then I stop whatever it is I'm doing.

Yesterday, when visiting a friend and his family, I thought I'd do a good deed by watering the plants in my friend's Mother's greenhouse (Mother is away for a few days). I went into the greenhouse with the water-hose, breathed in the heat and promptly collapsed!!! Luckily, my friend's daughter, Katie, was with me and called everyone to help. I'm fine now but I was really scared when it happened. So, in future, I'll be giving greenhouses a miss.

My opinion of really hot weather is that it does affect some of us really badly. Read BlakeyC's blog 'Looking after you in hot weather' - it's really useful.

I had better stop typing or I'll end up with something the size of War and Peace!!!

You will find people on this forum so kind and so helpful so please look each day.

I wish you well.

Love and hugs




Hello from me too Twinks. I suspect you might be just one year older than me. Just call me Inspector Morse lol.

Your FEV1 is not bad at all really. I am at 58% ( I have another check at the end of the month though), others on here can be much less.

BUT the key thing is that they are just numbers. Recent new GOLD standard guidance shows people vary a lot with the same FEV1. I work, I do everything I always did and I don't feel too ad unless I have an infection.

The key things are:

If you haven't already, don't smoke. That is the most important thing to do.

Exercise. I know it makes you breathless, but that is good. It exercises the lungs.

Take medication as directed, it might be you need more than you are getting.

Eat healthily, and maintain a healthy weight.

Try to avoid people with infections.

Stay positive :D

Perhaps have a talk with advisor on the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555.

Lynne xx


A FEV1 of 80% and above is counted as normal so 73% isn't too bad at all. Mine was 27% but last weeks test showed 26% which is neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned.


Awe thank you all so much for a lovely welcome and kind and supportive comments.

Your comment on my early copd career did make me smile Kevin....... thank you for that.

The reason why I said about could it be stress related is that my husband had heart surgery in February this year after going to GP thinking it was a virus he was sent to hospital in ambulance. MRI scan that they did to look at heart showed he had shadow on kidney. After operation we saw Consultant who explained tumour was cancerous and on kidney not in it so very likely they will do keyhole surgery and freeze it and no need to remove kidney. Now that was 5 months ago and still no date to have op. As you can imagine the waiting and not knowing has all of us worried. Life on hold waiting for this date plus he is heartbroken that he cant go to his daughters wedding in Australia in August and give her away. His other 2 daughters are going to do that in his place. How lovely would it be if they could tell her Dad is fine and op went well?

In March this year I had difficulty breathing and went to A&E thinking it was panic attack. Had chest x ray which was clear but I understand lung conditions don't always show up? Gave me antibiotics and steroids (pills 5 day course). I was ok till just over week ago and went to GP and had appointment with Nurse and she gave me FEV1 reading of 73 and was given 2 inhalers.

I am 59 female and stopped smoking in March as A&E gave me fright that I needed.

Tonight I cant sleep as my head is still taking it all in.................. seeing Nurse the other week I mean. Pretty sure it is copd though as noticed over last couple of years............ making the bed then sitting down half way through etc.

Thanks for letting me waffle on *smiles*


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