Midnight feasts

Midnight feasts

Who else here enjoys midnight feasts? Did you have any memorable ones when you were young?

There are several which come to my mind when looking back, and they were really hilarious as well as yummy, exciting too, staying up late and doing something that felt so naughty haha. I will write more tomorrow :-)

We have just bought and eaten a magnum each and drunk some wine, it is now 12.05 PM so a true midnight feast.

So let's hear about your memories of midnight feasts!


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  • Sorry koala,not for me.have enough trouble trying to nod off,without a 2am trip to McDonalds

    ;) ;) lol save me a magnum though please. :)

  • Classic, almond or caramel?

    I'd better save a whole box for Scrobbitty!


  • Almond please :D love em,

    I tend to nibble rich tea biccys after midnight, hernia, they settle my tum strangely enough :O ah well I,d rather a Magnum tho :)


  • Almond Magnum for Sillywitch xxx

    I usually eat milk chocolate but we went out to walk our dog and got side tracked haha.

  • 69's Ooops! I meant 99's with raspberry juice, pink fizzy stuff and crushed nuts, and sucking the icecream out of the bottom of the cone, and sprinkles,

  • LOL Koala, funnily for once, you are safe with the Magnums, cos I get brain freeze if I eat them - yeah, yeah, waiting for the comments LOL :) xxx

  • Sorry my nut hasn't defrosted from the other day in the freezer, ;)

  • LOL Certainly had the munchies after a night at the dancing, but can't recall any recent midnight feasts :)

    Sandra x x x

  • The funniest one was one I had when on an orchestra tour as a student and we were hosted by families in Jersey. Two of us were hosted by a very fat lady who didn't want to give any of her precious food to us, so we went to bed feeling hungry.

    After a few days of this and after hearing how everyone else was enjoying wonderful meals, we decided to raid the kitchen in the middle of the night haha! We nicked loads! We then took it upstairs and ate it.

    The next morning was sort of embarrassing LOL but I don't think she dared say anything Hahahaa


  • Malteasers :P

  • Seem to have had a few very late night/early morning McDonalds recently due to having to pick up brats from gigs or otherwise. I didn't join in with the major food fest but do admit to having McFlurries at stupid o'clock even after reading all the bad press about them. :) xx

  • I have been known to jump in the car at 2.30 am and drive 30 mins for the most wonderful salf beef bagel in London,

    Now something to ponder -

    Look at these numbers and see if you can spot the odd one out

    8, 10, 17, 22, 33

    Answer - 17, it's the only one that comes with rice

    X x x x nite nite

  • Is that egg flied lice, or woo pings special, ? :)

  • Fatty Arbuckles fish feast, Teddington Lock, and i managed not to fall in the Thames, well not that time. :)

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