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My friend Badger,,,,,KOTC

.....................................A chat between my mate Badger and me


Dad ''I think it is time you got out of bed'',

''But Badger it is only 6am ''

''Mum has just let me out for a wee and I think Summer is starting, so get up and enjoy it !''

''Not so quick Dad before we go into the garden I would like to have a bath and a trim''

''Badger mate, you run a mile when you hear the bath taps running and see the scissors!

I will get out of bed and go and water the garden plants before it gets too hot''

Out of Badgers earshot ''Pat can you run the bath for the boy, while he is out doors''

Plants watered we go back into the kitchen for breakfast, maybe. With one foul swoop Pat lifts him up and straight through into the bath.

Badger ''I am not amused Dad, I was only joking

Mum mind the soap in my eyes

Dad the water is too cold

Are those scissors sharp?

I am fed up with standing up, I am going to sit down''

''Well if you sit down you cannot have a proper trim. Then you will look awful and none of the pretty pooches will fancy you''

''Dad you know I am too old for that game, but there again,oh go on then''

''There son that wasn't too bad was it?

Come on now time to get out of the bath''

''You're not my friend Dad''

''You will feel better for it soon mate''

''I am going to dry off in the garden, keep out of my way dad''

Time for me to do my Nebs and medications.

And now it is time for breakfast.

''Badger, time for brekkies. oh hello ,you are my mate after all''

''Dad I feel like a walk down by the River Trent and get the opinions of those pretty pooches about my new looks''

''Ok mate''



You will feel better for going to Breathe Easy

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Badger is a very chatty chap isn't he - bet he looks very beautiful now and despite his hatred of baths, will be a lot cooler for it. :) xx


He's handsome like his Dad, ooh! And like his Dad he loves to chat, noisy little 'B' at times scrobbity


Well done Badger, glad you have your dad wrapped round your little finger.

love Tina X :)


Wrapped and pulling after those sweet little Tina like pooches( that's a compliment)


Sounds like you two had a lovely chat x


He tells me what he wants to do everyday, and what I can or can't do chellshock


That's good, would love yo have a dog again


Best friends in the world chellshock.


That's nice to hear. Give me a cuddle from me


Cuddle coming up for him


Thank you


Oh King that was just so lovely to read and lifted my spirits too, typical behavior of our doggie friends but we would be so very lost without them

Julie xx x


He's my bestest friend, he looks after me when I'm ill and is full of loving all the time. Julie


One of our nearby neighbours has decided to let off those very loud booming firework things, so am expecting the very rapid return of a fluffy, black and white cat anytime now ................................ :) xx


Some people have no respect for Pussy scrobbity


That was great to read , made me smile , thanks . :D


You know zaney...When you're smiling the ?????


Lovely. Me and Lil have conversations too, but they're very one sided, she usually wanders off before I've finished!


Lil would appear to have a great sense of presence of mind, doesn't like tittle tattle or boredom Libby


Great little insite into your start for a day. I reckon Badger has got a pretty good thing going on with his dad.



I know my place with him!Tony


My two dashunds one is not very bright but is lovely, now chippie is very intelligent probably more than me. but he listens to all instrutiond and get them right, little Boddie boy is chippies brother,and I think the breeders grandchildren were a bit rough with him, he is so laid back, but he is lovely.

where would we be without our four legged friends, but of course their is hubby who is lovely



We would be totally lost jan


lol very good xx


Thanks Undine


We started with Zaki and so the family grew Softie, Samantha, Mr Dylan, Lady Penelope. Miss Magic, Snubbles, Scratcher, Digger. Badger, Miss Blue, Magic, Aunt Alice, Molli , Missi, all gone to where good doggies go and my mate Badger

Friends each and everyone of them.


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