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Holiday in the Sun! in North Devon?

Holiday in the Sun! in North Devon?

Hi all, just had 5 days away in North Devon at Combe Martin Bay. I was on antibiotics for a cold/chest infection and had to spend a couple of afternoons in bed feeling hot one minute and shivering the next but I still managed to still get out and spend some time with my family at Ilfracombe and Lynmouth.

We all went on a coastal high speed boat trip which was pretty exiting stuff, we played crazy golf, we tried out the cliff Railway from Lynmouth to Lynton, which is no place to be if your not to good with heights like me, but I still managed to stand on the viewing rail and loved it. We lived on fish and chips, cider and ice cream, we soaked up the sun and all had a great time.

Get out there and enjoy the sun one and all its brilliant!

Tony :)

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Glad to hear you had a super time in spite of infections :)

Sandra x x x


Meeeee...I wanna go! Love North Devon and was there as a child in the lovely places you mentioned but never got back since.

So glad you've had such a welcome break and hope that infection has eased up xx


Very pleased you had a good time despite a few physical difficulties to cope with!



When I was bad I was bad but then when I was good I was good. Just as well you only remember the good times eh'. I could have filled a bath with the gung that came off my chest and I was beginning to think the holiday was a mistake, anyway I'm glad its behind me now.

Thanks Sandra xx


Glad you managed to enjoy the holiday despite being poorly I love Devon fantastic place made me want to go now or cornwall. Fish n chips cider lovely

Julie xx x

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Poor you with the infection but I am glad you managed to enjoy your holiday regardless. Brilliant. x


Glad you enjoyed the holiday even though you were ill.

Went to Combe Martin when I was a teenager, also Ilfracombe and Clovelly, was really lovely down there, maybe get back one day................



Remember some lovely holidays when a wee strip of a thing in that area. Very hilly as I recall. Very glad that you overcame the infection enough to enjoy yourself :) xx


Your right about the hills but I'm kind of used to that, living on the side of the Malverns.

Their hard work but dam good pulmonary exercise so I just pace myself and see them as a challenge not to be avoided.

I use my gearbox, shorten my stride and slow the pace, stop if I have to and get there in the end.


Glad you had a great time Tony despite the chest infection.

Its been too hot here for me today 32C in the shade, I am wilting, its still 24C out now at 9.20pm.


Thanks to Andy Murray I stayed out of the sun for most of the day and enjoyed a pretty large piece of Vienetta ice cream to help me stay cool.

Its a hard life being ill ain't it BlakeyC. :)


Combe Martin has the longest High Street in England and also the Green Lion pub



That High Street does go on and on a bit and its pretty narrow too. The local traffic warden seemed to be writing a lot of tickets so their pretty unforgiving to anybody who causes a traffic problem.

My favourite spot was a row of memorial seats looking over the beach and bay where I sat and talked with a local elderly couple. They told me that 2 of the pubs in the street had closed and they were now down to only 5, I don't remember seeing the Green Lion so maybe that was one of the casualties. They also told me about the year dolphins came to the bay in 1995 and stayed for most of the summer. They've not returned since.

Lovely place and lovely people too.



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