1930,s,40's,50's,60's,70's,80's. Memories of that first car, moped etc......KOTC

...............Memories of yours, parents etc mode of transport

What do you remember about your first moped ,car or whatever, or maybe your parents or grandparents had. WHAT did you get up to?


My fathers first car was a Standard Eight. On the first Sunday that he had it he took Mum, Sister, Auntie and myself for a trip across Exmoor. On the way home he drove up Porlock Hill,

which is very steep, and the exhaust pipe set the wooden flooring on fire!, We had to walk up the hill while dad and some other people put the fire out. This apparently was not uncommon at that time. Dad drove home with a hole in the floor! Being a cabinet maker he soon installed an oak floor that he was really proud of.



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  • I remember my step father having an old Citroen, the one with the hydraulics system of going up and down - travelling in it made me car sick, it was the only car I ever felt bad in but loved the uppy downy bit - well I was only 11 at the time LOL :) xx

  • A friend of mine had one of those. He thought he was the cats whiskers. Good puller he said,I don't know what he meant!!!!!!

  • The temptation to make a comment is so appealing but I shall desist on the grounds of taste. LOL :) xx

  • That is your choice, spoil sport !

  • Hahahaha on this occasion, discretion is the better part of valour :) xx

  • That's what you think.

  • yes my boy friend had a wait for it BMW ISETTA BUBBLE CAR

  • Couldn't get up to mischief in that then!

  • No back seat fun for you then Dorothy. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • TOLD you before i was a good girl lived in the states 60 63 boyfriend then had a new ford fairline think thats what they called it but you have heard that song if they could see me now take care Bobby love Dorothy xx

  • At that time Dorothy the world was full of good girls. I was a good boy too. Are the kids better off with today's morals? I don't think so.

    Bobby xxxx

  • dont set me off on that one xx

  • A good or good at it boy?Bobby

  • I am pleased that you have remained a good girl ever since Dorothy!

  • Always a good girl take care


  • Sitting in the back seat kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eh Dorothy

  • We had a van Reg. No. JDA 111. It had iron bars on the back of the front seats for the people sitting in the back to hold on to. My father was driving me to our local village school after two weeks off with chickenbox, we had a bump with our lorry coming back from the beat factory, I hit my head on the iron bar and it bled a bit, the doctor happened to be behind us and he checked me over and said stay off school for a week - I couldn't believe my luck.

    Lib x

  • A whole week off school! Whoopie!

  • My dads car when we were little was a sky blue Ford Consul,with the bench seat in the front.registration number NFE 333... Is that sad or what.

    My 1st car was an old Ford Escort in 1976.what a heap it was lol :)

  • There is a red Ford Consul that is parked around the corner from me. The gentleman has had it since new and it still looks like new!

  • At the age of 16 I purchased my first mode of transport, a brand new Yamaha FS1E moped for £150.00. It was purple and white and it opened up my world, it got me to work, to the various local pubs that would serve us under age drinkers at only 20p a pint, and it even got me to Wales for a few camping holidays with my mates. Petrol was only 40p a gallon back in 1975 and the summer went on and on. Those were the days!!

  • As I have said before''Those crazy, lazy days of summer''

  • When we had our first child in the 1950s my husband sold his beloved Lambretta scooter and because he didn't have a full driving licence bought a Bond three-wheeler car instead as it could be driven on a motorbike licence.

    On a trip around the Gower with me and a small baby in arms, sitting on the bench style back seat, we got a puncture in the one and only front wheel. There was no reverse gear in the Bond and we were unable to go forward or back. I had to get out with the baby and wait while, with the help of a friendly farmer, he and my husband managed to upend the Bond on its two back wheels and push it into a field and try and remove the front wheel. He then had to walk miles carrying the wheel to a garage where the puncture could be fixed and then back again to the car. While he was away, the kind farmer managed to balance the front of the car on piles of bricks. When my husband returned the mended wheel was put in place.

    Funnily enough, the times spent in our old Bond three-wheeler were some of the happiest days of our lives.

    Roads were almost empty of traffic, and people were always willing to help :)

  • Three wheels on your wagon and you were strolling along!

  • My dad had a Mayflower don't know who made it but I remember it was very shiny with running boards. My first car was a Morris traveller the sort with wood along the sides then I had an MGB when I was married to my first lost that when we divorced missed the car but not him :D

  • Seems like you made the right choice in letting him travel on

  • Just been told by my sister it wasn't a Mayflower it was a Humber I don't know which it was but it was a car :P

  • Was it named after you 'Hunter'

  • Those old cars with running boards were great. I remember when we kids would jump on the running board and hang on through the open window with one hand while giving hand signals as the car went around a corner with the other.

  • I had some great fun doing that

  • I remember a family holiday to Devon and travelling up- and up- and up Porlock Hill :D

    Also as a child during the early 60's my father had a black Ford...um, was it a Popular? It was fairly big, had a running board and could be started with a handle. It had indicators - orange arms that sprung out from the sides when turning left or right :D xxx

  • Now that was a Popular car!

  • My first car was a yonks old Austin 7.Felt roof, cable brakes and 3 speed gearbox. No electric start either, just a handle. I paid £15 for it which was just over a week's wages for me. Lost a lot of girlfriends though, they didn't like cranking it.


  • Cranking it? Oh I got it you mean turning the starting handle! Silly me

  • My first car was much the same, 1933 Morris Minor (think it cost me £5 in 1958) wire wheels, accelerator pedal in the middle and ‘crank start’ that worked first swing even in winter, much to my more affluent neighbours’ dismay! Loads of fun in my ‘Beatnik’ years !

    First M/Bike was a Triumph ‘Tiger Cub’ in 1956.

    Happy days !

  • My dads first car was a Humber Hawk, mine was a Morris Minor Traveller.

    Can't remember reg of either.


  • My dad had a Morris Minor YTA 223.A car ahead of it's time

  • This site has been really slow for the last couple of days, hope when they update on Tuesday it will be faster.


  • It was very slow yesterday but tonight seems ok

  • My first car was a cronky mini in 1971 when I was 17 during my `hippy period`. I painted flowers on the boot. It was always breaking down but it was great fun and I went all over in it.

  • Flower power, remember it well

  • my first car was a bull nosed ford popular cost me 50 pounds it burnt more oil then petrol you could see me coming for miles with the clouds of blue smoke,

  • No hiding place for you then

  • I learnt to drive in my Mother's Morris 1000 (I think it was) loved the great big steering wheel, and my first car was........ I can't remember at the moment - oh dear the memory really is going, going gone lol will get back to you if I ever remember- know I loved it but had a very small steering wheel compared to the Morris steering wheel which was weird at first.

  • You LEARNT to drive Hee HEE

  • OOOWW you like to live dangerously don't you KOTC? Watch out or I'll be round to do all sorts of nasty things to your teddies ho ho xx note. not with your teddies! LOL

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