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If ;)

Anybody wants an ice cold mars bar I've just found one i my freezer, took Wheezy's advice ice cubes in front of the fan, only got one problem, they melt faster than can make them, so i stuck my head in it, found allsorts I'd forgotten about, chilli, curry, bolognaise, primavera, snake n' kidley pie , 2 L pots, a ham shank, three rump steaks, four lamb chops, no turtle doves, but a prawn birirri hot bum arny,

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LOL Glad the ice cubes worked for you hun bun. So far the temps haven't required me to utilize my cunning plan :)

Sandra x x x


What's that ?

if i was was home I'd be in the river


Because we live half way up a very steep hill we can sometimes be snowed in. We keep two freezers fairly well stocked because of that. Luckily they are frost free. I couldn't face going through them, there is no telling what I would find. That reminds me, where did the first wife get to?



Ouch!! I would believe anything!!


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