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Can anyone explain?

I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis about six years ago.I have had virtually a permanent cough producing a lot of mucous. I have always been a runner and running has certainly helped me to clear my lungs.About three weeks ago while out running I was bitten by a dog .My doctor immediately gave me a tetanus booster injection and gave me a course of Augmentin antibiotics.Since then I have hardly coughed at all and my lungs feel quite clear . At night for the first time I can lie on my left side without coughing. I have of course had many antibiotics in the past but never with this effect. Perhaps it was the dog!

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Hi pitch, I don't know the answer but you need to find that dog immediately - I'd definitely risk a bite from it!

Sometimes it takes just the smallest change in medications or animal input to do some good - so revel in it. :) xx

Find that dog quickly

I do not know the answer maybe the warmer weather may be helping although I have bronciecatasis too and it makes mine worse

I can only say i hope you continue to fell better

julie x

Don't question your good fortune, long may it last!!

Stay well


I would mention this to your doc pilch and ask it be included on your records, also you could fill out the yellow card about drugs side affects to feed into the system at a higher level. It sounds to me this drug needs further investigation as a possible aid for respiratory.

Thanks for sharing this information and so glad you are feeling good just now :)


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That sounds like good news. Long may it continue :D

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