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Results ASBESTOS or SCAR TISSUE coughed up V shape and various other fine fibers

Had a intresting day went to a carboot sale a bought my self a microscope ... Results of my own test are prity conclusive :o

V shape and or fancy i shape brown scar tissue i coughed up looked quite boring under microscope but there was trapped fibers i assume are asbestos as it is correct you can't see ASBESTOS FIBERS with the naked eye but you can see MACROPHAGES and SCAR tissue with the naked eye.

Results of my test in the three samples i had all had difrent types of asbestos in them V shapes and fancy i had that curly asbestos fiber in them ... It must be correct as size of scar tissue and asbestos fibers was clear and in pristine condition.

Hard to see hair like scar tissue i coughed up had long strait fibbers in it also in pristine condition .

So there in pristine condition but am not ..... So in the three samples i coughed up all had a mixture of different asbestos fibber

My test even tho it far from perfect as shown interaction between hypertonic saline with asbestos macrophages and various sizes of coughed up asbestos fibbers and scar tissue

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Wow Daz! Has no one tested your sputum before to find fibres? If not, why not? What are you going to do with your evidence now? Can you prove where the fibres come from? Good luck with your investigation. Alison


Have proven where thay have come from but my lung doc is not as aware of my working exposer history ... But no thay have never asked for mucus sample

IIDB refused my claim and didn't even look at my X-ray quite shocking really

But am getting there ... Cheers all the best :)


That certainly sounds conclusive..good luck wirh the claim.xxx


Good luck Daz.xx


Good luck daz,


I add my "good luck" too.


Yes, well done you, that is awful not even an x ray! You should definately put in a claim, these firms are getting away with far too much. You need to insist on tests at the hospital too though, as a back up.

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Wow, you are like Poirot or someone! Excellent work haha :-)

I'd definitely take them to a lab, nobody is going to take your word for it, you know what the medical profession is like.

Keep us updated.


You are interesting daz, a real Inspector Clouseau ! maybe ask your nearest Environmental Health dept how/where to get it tested, my daughter gave them a small piece of plaster that fell from her crumbling ceiling, they charged £10 to analyze it.. was just plaster but they were very helpful with advice.

I too will be interested to know what you have coughed up, luck be with you.



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