What have you often been asked...............KOTC

.....................What have you often been asked?

I've often been asked, ''What do you old folks do now that you are retired? Well.....I'm fortunate to have learnt chemistry at school and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer,

wine, Scotch and margaritas into urine

Life is good ,live it.


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  • Oh very LOL and whichever way I try to write a reply, you just simply substitute the amended word for the original :O xx

  • Fantastic

  • I,m usually asked for my number Richard :D :D :D

    The Witch


  • >@:><@&^$$£.Do you remember giving it me, I hope you haven't changed it?

  • Thats the one, glad you kept it! still waiting for your call ;)


  • Got to go and top my card up

  • You look awfully pale are you ill? thats the one I get asked most now a days

    xxxx x x

  • ''No ,I just haven't been out in the sun'' is your reply

  • Many people say how well I look, I don't say how im feeling, bad breathing arthritis, diabetic and anaemic, but I have bright red cheeks, which my sons have and many relations.

    Now King I produce my water works with tea and water, not very exciting but I am happy with it


  • When they say how well I look, I say well how did I look!

  • Yes! I do! Love having the time to pursue all my many hobbies, and spend lots of time in my beloved garden, and with my pets, wish it co ups all go on forever!

  • Retirement is a busy time!

  • Also love a glass or three of wine at the end of each

    Day,with legs, denservably up.

  • You are very naughty dirose.

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