The Moon

I love natural and I love knowing about nature's cures. I read a lot (books/articles/medical publications, etc) about the respiratory system , the Circulatory System, the Immune System and the Nervous System. I believe that if you bow to the full moon, all your ills will magically disappear. I believe you should share information to the best of your knowledge. Even though it may be seen by many to be not in accordance with normal medical advice, but this appears the place to do it.


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  • Oh dear, I'd report this but after the last attempt at similar can't be bothered.

  • Not the place to do it Knownnothing! This is a site for people with lung diseases not those who are trying to drum up business for themselves!

  • I have just reported it scrobbs x

  • Thanks Bev xx

  • I have been told that everyone is entitled to their opinion whether I agree with it or not. It therefore follows that you are entitled to believe this to be true. It does however fly in the face of those who hold to the balloon theory which leaves me in something of a quandary.

    Having given the matter some thought I have decided that the person sending me the largest amount of money shall be deemed by me to be the holder of the truth.

  • Scrobbs, HYPERCAT having located the moon by use of my heavenly body locator ( Mk2 ) I tried this and I do declare my in growing toenail may be showing signs of improvement - we could be on to something here.

  • Hahahahaha - most excellent Chris - what planet do these people think they're on? Oh forgot, that would be the moon then.

  • Lol :) :) :)

  • Take a walk ---- a long one!!!

  • I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of you Annie

  • I think this ones a lot further than the moon scrobbs - more likely another galaxy :)

  • Not far wrong there Bev. Sad innit? xx

  • Is this where the practice of mooning comes from - its a religious rite carried out by believers looking for the hole in the ground.

  • hahahahahaha xx

  • Lol. This person probably howls at the moon as well :)

  • hahaha - perhaps we shouldn't laugh, perhaps this person truly believes it. Perhaps you're right though Bev :) xx

  • Eh????????

  • I'm always right scrobbs :d

    Bev x

  • Confirmed :) xx

  • Perfect timing for a burst out loud laugh first thing. Love you guys, lmao!


  • "There are more out than in" as my gran used to say. :)

  • This does not sound any more ridiculous to me than some other rituals performed by established religions so I think it rather rude to laugh at someone else's beliefs. If it is a scam it is not a very good one as bowing to the moon costs nothing - do I believe it will magically make me better no I do not but neither do I think it will harm me - and I love the moon and often look at her (yes I call it her) and no I am not a scammer or whatever.

  • No, would never even think for a second you were a scammer or otherwise, undine.

    Just a bit of an odd-ball post really. There seems to a link to doing courses though which I thought was not the policy on here to promote, but hey what do I know!

  • Ooops sorry did not see the link - I am not very observant at the best of times - blame it on lack of oxygen now ha ha so anyway yes see what you mean xx

  • I was worried that the link that was given advertising courses was a money making scheme, am I right?

    However my Welsh mother always bowed 3 times to the new moon, turning a coin over in her hand at the same time and she is now 93.. and still very sprightly.

    At night when I have problems breathing watching the moon is a great solace

  • I think you are right, knitter on the courses.

    I actually like the moon too but don't think this is the place for the blog to be placed but that's just my opinion. Mind you may have to rethink after reading about your mother LOL :) xx

  • Good for your Mum and pleased she is doing so well - now when is the next new moon .......xx

  • Spooky its tonight! 12.16am - best all gather round now

  • and 06 seconds - that probably makes all the difference !

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