Flutiform 250/10 better for me than Seretide 125/25

Flutiform 250/10 better for me than Seretide 125/25

So, my lung doc put me on Flutiform 250 2 months ago (approx) and after 14 days my lungs were under control, the cough I had had which could easily block out the noise of the village's lawnmowers, stopped!

But I ran out of it and my GP couldn't find Flutiform on her computer so gave me my old med, Seretide 125/25.

I thought, ok, let's try it, it's a lower dose and now the pollen has normalised I was hoping it'd work, but the last few days I noticed my lungs were feeling asthmary again GRRR

Luckily I am seeing the lung doc day after tomorrow and this time I will ask for 2 or 3 inhalers, they don't last long.

koala xxxxxxx

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  • That's interesting to know,seeing my consultant in a few weeks over at Boston hospital .

    Going to make a note of that.damn cough is annoying as hell

  • Good luck getting rid of the cough, I HATE coughs and have even got a bit of a phobia of them.


  • Being new to this, I'm not sure what medications are available. Are some 'multi-purpose'? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Judy x

  • Yes, both Seretide and Flutiform are multipurpose in that they contain two different meds: one to reduce the mucous and the other to relax the muscles ( in the lungs).

    I'm not sure what meds are available either and I've had asthma my whole life. There are sprays, tablets, injections etc etc

    My lung doc decides then I usually get the repeat prescription from one of my other docs who I see more often.


  • I think because where you are you find it difficult to get supplies of your inhalers and also anti biotics it would be a good idea if you could get your Doctor to prescribe spares each time you need them. Nothing worse than having the wrong meds

    julie xxx

  • Good idea. I am seeing the lung doc tomorrow at 11.30am and plan to ask for 2 or 3 inhalers this time.


  • oh yes, we were going to compare notes.

    I'm seeing my respitory nurse at the GP practice at 9.30 then a mad dash to ST Georges, Tooting to see the horrid consultants registrar at 11.15.

    I went in to change the appt from seeing him & they said I couldnt transfer another cons, only mr nasty's registrar. All I want is a CT scan to see what's there for a diagnosis.

  • respitory? brain going now............. respiritory

  • I have made a note of the name - seeing the respiratory consultant soon, and may might mentioned it.

  • It's supposed to be the same as Seretide except that the beta agonist is different, I think the reason Flutiform was better for me this time is that I was on the highest dose whereas 125 Seretide is really low.

    The corticosteroid is Fluticasone in both of them.

    Itd be interesting to hear your consultant's view. I think I was swapped because Flutiform is much cheaper than Seretide.


  • Good luck with the consultant next week and definitely a larger amount for each prescription - nothing worse than running out. Take care. :) xx

  • Exactly! Running out of meds is the pits!

    I am stocking up now on everything, I've got several packs of my 2 thyroid meds and am going to go for it tomorrow at the lung doc's too


  • I hope you do get your proper prescription, and plenty of it too! :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Thank you :-) xxxxxxxxx

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