It is SUNNY here, worth announcing!

It is SUNNY here, worth announcing!


*************** THE SUN IS SHINING *****************

It must be about the third day of sunshine we have had all year, and I simply had to announce the fact haha!

It's Saturday and I'm free and can sit in the garden soon to enjoy the sunshine!

Wishing everyone a sunny week :-) xxx

I hope your breathing is ok, I know it affects some people badly. I can actually breath best in hot dry air, but my problem is asthma, not the other things a lot of you have to cope with here xxx

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If that's a picture of you,sitting in your garden !!! I'm on my way :) :) :)

That's a picture of me .....

..... in my dreams haha


Damn ... Spike had warmed up the transport,Bobbys got the Brut splashed on,high karate for me and we were on our way.Baggsy the bed next to you ;) ;) lol


Would you like cocktails or some chilled champagne? I'm drinking strawberry daiquiris.


Got any Guinness !! :)

John! I have brought you up better than that. Guiness my foot. Sorry Koala, I'll slap him when I get him home. lol


Sorry Bobby...Pimms ????

Perfect old chap. Absolutely top hole.




I'm going for a swim now, see you later


The weathers hot hot hot here too No 1 son has just brought in the air conditioner for me problem is little dog is scared of it so she has toddled off to the bedroom bless

juli xxx xx xxx x

Cloudy at the moment, but earlier the sun was wonderful. Love your view koala. Judy x

Suns out in Derbyshire..a welcome change..dont see it enough!! X

Boiling down here and tomorrow set to be hotter than the Caribbean apparently - thank you summer for finally putting in an appearance - everyone out and about is smiling - wow! :) xx

Lovely and sunny this morning, but cloudy now. The wind has dropped, so hopefully I may think about leaving the winter woollies off! And that will be a first this year!!!!! :)

Sandra x x x

Koala am I right it's you that has/does experience lucid dreaming and or mild self induced trance states ? I use self induced trance to sleep, often this is shallow and different.

Would like to discuss if you've a mind. It can be a great creative aid.


Yes, it's me who does that. I've done it for as long as I can remember. I do it every day and would be perfectly happy to discuss it!


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