ASBESTOS or SCAR TISSUE coughed up V shape and various other fine fibers after hypertonic saline treatment ?

Apart from thinking there is a tree in my lungs issue is what are thay ... Befour a coughed them up .. Yep I had what felt like a lump in my neck ... And b4 you say it no its not Adam's apple :)

Anyway there of various size " hair like " one was like a V and one was like a fancy i and others have been strait ... All a light brown couler in my clear mucus i cough up from my lungs

Issue is what are thay is it ASBESTOS FIBERS as i know I was hevaly exposed to ASBESTOS or is it scar tissue

If it is scar tissue well then we have a conundrum as it could be ASBESTOS and not scar tissue as it could be ASBESTOS fiber covered in macrophages :0

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  • Hi daz, ,can u save it in a pot , keep it in fridge take to docs on Monday he might send to be tested, hope your ok

  • After my experiment a lost V Shape one ... But have appointment with lung doc .. So hope BLF Retain my post when new site comes live as use them as reference

    Cheers thanks for reply :)

  • I wish I had an answer for you Daz, I'm hoping this is good news as in better out than in?

    Why do things happen when BLF helpline is closed.

    Tell me about Hypertonic Saline Treatment if you can XxxX enjoy the lovely weekend coming up :-)

  • Yep agree better out than in hypertonic saline is used by CF patients to help clear mucus and cut down on infection ... My lung doc said in my case not using ing it is not a option as it helps clear lungs and hope helps with bits of my lung a did not use threw bad breathing ... Think thats why some asbestos as been dislodged .. Time will tell if thats a good thing or not cheers all the best :)

  • God, I REALLY hope this works for you, could be life changing? Good luck Daz xx

  • Sounds like an analysis is needed.... better out than in....could it be casts?

    Have you changed your GP yet??

    enjoy your weekend


  • A have coughed up things that look like little round scabs and he said would be cast ... But these are nothing like out like that

    Cheers all the best :)

  • It would be good to get that analysed Daz.

    Hope you feel better for having coughed it up.

    Take good care and have a great weekend.


  • Cheers thanks :)

  • I also think it would be a good idea to have these analysed. Either that or add the V and the I to your Scrabble tray? :D

  • Defo going to sort it ... Cheers :)

  • I would definitely put it into a clean container with a lid on and keep it refrigerated. Then take it in to be analysed.

    Maybe ring up before you take it in.

    Let us know what they say.

  • Am seeing doc so will tell him .. Get it sorted

    Cheers thanks :)

  • hi daz are u not under a consultant at hoz ,u need to keep wat u have brought up in clean container in the fridge,and get it sorted asap,take care I no wat sh.t asbestos is

  • Cheers defo going to get some specimin pots .. And sort it

    Thanks all the best :)

  • good take care lad keep well ,

  • i would keep it and someone check it

  • Cheers defo going to .. Needs sorting thats for sure :)

    Cheers :)

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