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bronchiectasis lung pain

hi guys

I haven't posted for some time now but have been looking in from time to time,

just wanted to let you know that I am going to hosp for an injection to hopefuly ease the pain in my lung I have been told it runs the risk of infection but I am willing to take the risk to get rid of this agonising pain, I will let you know how I get on later,

also I have a tribunal coming up so I am concerned about the outcome of that also,

I will drop by later to let you know how I get on

stay well

rosie x

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Good luck Rosie and do come back to us with the news.

Chris xx

Good luck Rosie, xxx

Rosie, I hope the injection works for you, I will be willing it to work for you.Genexxxxx

Hope things work out for you. With a bit of luck you'll have the pain under control before the Tribunal.

Best of luck with both, Rosie and glad to 'see' you posting again. Warm wishes :) xx

Good luck.


Best of luck xxxx

Good luck and best wishes for a Lot of relief!


Nice to hear from you Rosie. A prayer goes out for you


Your daily tonic

Good luck Rosie. Alson

Good Luck with the injection& the tribunal. Judy x

Good luck Rosie I hope all goes well at the hospital. Tribunals can be tough I hope everything goes in your favour!

Good luck Rosie, I do hope it works


good luck rosie, hope it gives you some relief, xx

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