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ALL CLEAR - Your Good Wishes Worked - Thank You All

Hello to everyone who sent me good wishes for my check-up at Treliske Hospital today. I'm so grateful for all the kind messages.

Some of your messages I didn't receive until after I had been to Truro for my appointment so if I didn't reply to you I hope that you will forgive me.

All the good wishes worked - I've been given the all clear again.

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

Lots of Love and Hugs



PS - I forgot to go to Sainsbury's (after my appointment) to buy some wine. BUT - my son arrived (from Bristol) this evening, unexpectedly, and he gave me a bottle of wine as a present. I told you I was lucky!!!!


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Fantastic news . So pleased. Enjoy your wine! You deserve it. Xxxxx

There you go, had no doubts whatsoever - marvellous news about the wine, I mean marvellous news about the check-up LOL :) xx Clink glass and cheers!

Wonderfull news.

polly xx

so very pleased you deserved good news

love Dorothy xxx

Great News enjoy your night and wine.mattcass

Lets have a look at that smile !

As a group we win some we lose some, don't we love winners especially good winners.

Great post Anne thank you.


Great news Anne, enjoy your wine.

Take care


Really happy for you, Anne. Join you in the bottle of wine. Nice to celebrate. Love annieseedxx

That's great news!

Thats brilliant Anne, well done, you must be the happiest girl on the planet at the moment.Genexxxxxxx

Congratulations Anne, enjoy your celebrations :)

BC x

That is great news, enjoy your wine :) xx

Wonderful news, happy for you ! Cheers enjoy your wine Judy x

Excellent news. I am very happy that you are well! I always enjoy good news!

Very best wishes Anne. Anne c?

Have a very lovely weekend celebrating!

Kevin XX

Well since I have been keeping every thing crossed for you since yesterday I will now uncross them cos it is flipping uncomftable lol

Really pleased to hear the news hope you and your son have a lovely weekend Enjoy your celebrations you deserve them juliexx

Bliddy 'ell Annec, does this mean we have got to put up with you for another five years? Well, I suppose we can cope. Congratulations sweetheart that is really great news. I had everything crossed for you. Of course that means I can never have children again. lol

Love and hugs and kisses and oooooohs from

Bobby xxxxxxxxx

A prayer can help work wonders


Great news!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend with that lovely feeling it's all clear


Brilliant news. With good weather forecast, it'll be a great weekend. :-) Alison must be so relieved...enjoy a carefree weekend with your son

you can now sit back a little easier, wonderful news


Congratulations. :) :)

wonderful news, enjoy the wine, take care xx

Great news!

Liz x

Sorry it's so late but well done.

Brilliant news hope you enjoyed the wine from your son.

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