ALL CLEAR - Your Good Wishes Worked - Thank You All

ALL CLEAR - Your Good Wishes Worked - Thank You All

Hello to everyone who sent me good wishes for my check-up at Treliske Hospital today. I'm so grateful for all the kind messages.

Some of your messages I didn't receive until after I had been to Truro for my appointment so if I didn't reply to you I hope that you will forgive me.

All the good wishes worked - I've been given the all clear again.

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You

Lots of Love and Hugs



PS - I forgot to go to Sainsbury's (after my appointment) to buy some wine. BUT - my son arrived (from Bristol) this evening, unexpectedly, and he gave me a bottle of wine as a present. I told you I was lucky!!!!


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  • Fantastic news . So pleased. Enjoy your wine! You deserve it. Xxxxx

  • There you go, had no doubts whatsoever - marvellous news about the wine, I mean marvellous news about the check-up LOL :) xx Clink glass and cheers!

  • Wonderfull news.

    polly xx

  • so very pleased you deserved good news

    love Dorothy xxx

  • Great News enjoy your night and wine.mattcass

  • Lets have a look at that smile !

    As a group we win some we lose some, don't we love winners especially good winners.

    Great post Anne thank you.


  • Great news Anne, enjoy your wine.

    Take care


  • Really happy for you, Anne. Join you in the bottle of wine. Nice to celebrate. Love annieseedxx

  • That's great news!

  • Thats brilliant Anne, well done, you must be the happiest girl on the planet at the moment.Genexxxxxxx

  • Congratulations Anne, enjoy your celebrations :)

    BC x

  • That is great news, enjoy your wine :) xx

  • Wonderful news, happy for you ! Cheers enjoy your wine Judy x

  • Excellent news. I am very happy that you are well! I always enjoy good news!

    Very best wishes Anne. Anne c?

    Have a very lovely weekend celebrating!

    Kevin XX

  • Well since I have been keeping every thing crossed for you since yesterday I will now uncross them cos it is flipping uncomftable lol

    Really pleased to hear the news hope you and your son have a lovely weekend Enjoy your celebrations you deserve them juliexx

  • Bliddy 'ell Annec, does this mean we have got to put up with you for another five years? Well, I suppose we can cope. Congratulations sweetheart that is really great news. I had everything crossed for you. Of course that means I can never have children again. lol

    Love and hugs and kisses and oooooohs from

    Bobby xxxxxxxxx

  • A prayer can help work wonders


  • Great news!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend with that lovely feeling it's all clear


  • Brilliant news. With good weather forecast, it'll be a great weekend. :-) Alison

  • must be so relieved...enjoy a carefree weekend with your son

  • you can now sit back a little easier, wonderful news


  • Congratulations. :) :)

  • wonderful news, enjoy the wine, take care xx

  • Great news!

    Liz x

  • Sorry it's so late but well done.

  • Brilliant news hope you enjoyed the wine from your son.

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