Changes to the web community on Tuesday - it won't work between 9am -1pm

Hi all,

On Tuesday 9 July the new web community will launch. HealthUnlocked have made changes to improve your experience on the web community. This means the web community will be down (aka not working!) between 9am and 1pm on Tuesday morning – so if you can’t get on – you know why!

We will be in the same boat as you come Tuesday so let’s work together to make the transition run smoothly. Here we’ve explained the changes which will affect you:

Some features will change

•The ‘Poll Widget’ will be removed

•There will be a new URL: (although the old one will still work but you may want to change your bookmark)

•The ‘blogger’ badge will be removed

New features

HealthUnlocked have listened to feedback and created new features to help improve the community’s use:

•Categories - blog posts will be sorted into relevant categories

•Changes will be made to the way admins can restrict community members – users can only be restricted to one community at a time, not across the entire HealthUnlocked website (banning users remains unchanged)

•‘Blogs’ will become ‘Posts’ - ‘Posts’ are anything that is not a ‘Question’

•Auto-tagging - tags will automatically be assigned to any new post. Before publishing the post the author will see all the tags and have the option of removing any tags they feel are not appropriate for that post, but they won’t be able to add any custom tags

•Recommend button - this will give users the option to recommend a post they like and help it stand out as the community members browse through the posts and responses

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  • Thanks, it all sounds very positive.

  • Thank you for the update itis much appreciated


  • It sounds ok.

  • Thankyou

  • That sounds great! Especially having different categories.


  • Many thanks BLF comms team.

    Will there be any changes to the way the private messaging works please?

  • Not that we can tell from the information we've been sent.

  • Am looking forward to it

  • Looking forward to seeing it.


  • A think there should be riot section for those feeling pathic ... If thats the right word :)

  • telepathic or pathetic ? :O I can see scope for both ! :P

  • Psycho..pathic?

  • Both great comments ... And in fully agreement :)

  • Sit on the fence and waiting! Love annieseed x

  • you'll get splinters... :P

  • Well you can pull them out Gordon! Hope all is well with you. Love annieseed xx

  • Maybe they had to Lego of that one ? :D

  • Not understanding, block facility. Also widgets - pardon me for being thick.

  • I'm with you Annie, I don't get it either.

    Bobby xxxx

  • I'm in your group lol - read it all - then got my confused face. lol

    anna xxx

  • Widgets are bits they add in to a software package, so the bit that allowed the admin to create a Poll now and again is being taken out.

    Block Facility - was discussed at one point as a means to be able to thrown a blanket over another user, to block their posts and not see anything they write. If you don't like someone, you could block them. That was what was supposed to be coming in this update.

  • It sounds a good idea - why cant they do it??

  • I don't know if ';block' will be there or not, it wasn't in the notes passed on to us. We will have to wait and see...

  • Having various categories will be good.

  • Well, let's give it a whirl and see what happens. Blocking others could be a good idea but I do find many comments are interesting and informative on a post I would not have chosen to read. Thanks BLF comms :-) Alison

  • Many thanks!

  • sounds good, lets see what happens, xx

  • Interesting to see if it works thanks

  • Roll on Tuesday so we can all see how the new site works. It sounds more like the way it works is only going to be altered slightly. Categories should help some as you can go into the posts that interest you, but sounds like it may be more formal than in the past.

  • A definite positive step :)

    Thanks for all your hard work in trying to make our experience on here as easy and as pleasant as possible :)

  • Thanks to all involved at BLF & Healthunlocked for implementing lots of our suggestions. Good luck on Tuesday! Looking forward to seeing the new site.

  • Here's to Tuesday


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