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Just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who answered my plea for help wig palpitations. My Dr somehow forgot to phone me but I have another one booked for this afternoon. Lets hope she doesn't forget as it is quite bad again today. Dentist wasn't nearly as bad yesterday as I thought it was going to be, although they have managed to leave a tooth off of the denture so I will need to go back when my mouth is healed to get it sorted. Luckily my breathing isn't too bad this last couple of days. Hope you are all having a good day. Keep well. Nannies use xx

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  • Hope you get the answers you need really soon, nanniesue, often the not knowing is as bad or sometimes worse than knowing. Brave you with the dentist, not my favourite people I have to say :) xx

  • Nannysue

    It's funny how we build these things up in our minds and then when it happens it isn't as bad as we thought. Keep getting better.

    Bobby xxx

  • Just back from hospital after having my oxygen levels using the Inogen where It was found that I need to be on level 5 not 2 as originally set. The nurse agreed with the lady I spoke to at BLF that my palpitations & irregular heart rate indicates AF so needs checking out. This is the latest update will let you all know if Dr phones this pm & what she has to say. Thanks all.

  • I have to admit to ignorance - what are wig palpitations?

  • Think it's meant to be 'with' Annie, well that's how I read it xx

  • Thanks, scrob - think choc might help my brain xx

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