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My consultant thinks I have hypersensitivity pneumonitis: I have a few questions...could HP be caused by my pillows and duvet? Both are down filled but hypoallergenic and my pillows are in protective casing for dust mites etc...I've been using the same type of pillows for 20 odd years now, so I find it hard to believe that this could cause my lung scarring lol..but maybe I don't want to feel like a total fool for causing this Myself due to my pillows! Also, if I have extensive scarring (which I do as I've now seen the ct scan pictures) would this not now be IPF because as I understand it IPF is unknown pulmonary fibrosis and I think that scarring is fibrosis..or am I wrong? Ugh, it is all very confusing new consultant says I'm a puzzle lol..well I sure am puzzled! He is sending me for a VAT lung biopsy so I'm hoping this will give a conclusive answer, meanwhile I keep thinking it really all because of my pillows!!!

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Hi I put an answer on your last blog about feathers...not much help I am afraid, but try ringing the BLF helpline as they know a lot more than me.

Best of luck


Think it unlikely to be your pillows. HP usually caused by mould, fungus spores etc. usual culprit is something at work or a hobby. My own took a couple of years to be fairly certain that it is something in my workplace. I responded well to steroid treatment. Your biopsy should confirm HP.


I know this govt. will try and raise revenue any way they can but VAT on a lung biopsy??

Seriouslythough, i am just going to google vat lung biopsy as it is new to me....




Um Kevin, that' comment had me a tad confused for a moment lol... I have been thinking that surely my consultant would have asked me if he thought that my pillows could have caused it! I know he asked about my hobbies and previous jobs etc, which included birds etc but he didn't mention pillows! I might ask the surgeon on Tuesday x


Chris... Did you have the biopsy or was yours found by ct scan alone? And did you have a lot of scarring? I've read some where that once you have scarring on the lungs it won't go away, and I have a lot on mine!


Can I suggest also that you ring the helpline. Their number is 03000 030 555

Lynne xx


It was the biopsy that gave the diagnosis. CT scan showed the scarring. Unfortunately scarring won't go away but steroids and avoiding the trigger can reduce further scarring. Birds are a common cause of HP. Think that might be the culprit.


Hi, I'm surprised your consultant hasn't organised allergy skin tests for airborne allergies. This would prove. I had them and am pleased to find I'm not allergic to dust mites (yay, I can stop cleaning so much) or pets (Fred the dog can stay). Know now it's mould and a touch of aspergillis (fungus).

Ask for allergy testing.

All the best, Peeg


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