A blend of herbal teas for lung congestion and respiratory disorders

A blend of herbal teas for lung congestion and respiratory disorders

The herbs: dry leaves of mullein and thyme. licorice roots and fresh ginger. place all the ingredients in a teapot or mason jar, add 1 Quart of boiling-hot water, cover, and steep for 15 to 20 minutes (this process is called an infusion), then strain. Drink the whole quart over the course of a day. You can prepare this tea the night before, and let it steep all night if you’d like, but I have found that teas for colds and flus work better if you drink them hot.

Can be sweetened with honey.

Note: if using steroids, exclude the licorice roots.

This blend of herbs can help boost the functioning of the lungs: eases breathing, prevents painfull coughing and promotes restful sleep at night.

Source: asthmaherbs.tumblr.com

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  • I think you will find that selling is not allowed on this site.

  • Hi Lynne, I'm not selling anything. it's just a recommendation of some herbal teas for lung disorders. this blend is natural and effective in reducing the pain of having a lung infection.

  • And your qualifications for this are please? The last blog put up under Asthma Herbs was pulled.

  • Jesus don't you people never learn !!!


  • It's some bloke from London according to FaceBook profile

  • Figures knows nowt passed Watford Gap :)

  • By the way,I say that as you put up a link to a commercial site on your only other post.

  • It is the same site recommended by the person who had their blog deleted by the moderator.

  • Had a look at the site and doesn't seem to be any selling (but may have missed something) but some of the recipes do sound very nice. I wish you could get them ready made in the supermarket!

  • I don't mind the recipes Libby, just the suggestion that they are "treatments" for lung diseases.

  • Hi Toci, athough it looks like my post was in reply to yours, it was in fact the second comment to be made, after Lynne's first comment, it just got pushed out of place by all the side comments, it wasn't a reply to your post! Libby

  • I seem to have caused some confusion, sorry! I did not think this was a reply to my comment. Mine was just a reply to your comment, lol.

  • Ha ha, this could go on forever!

  • Ha ha ;)

  • Please be very careful if you are on steroids as I notice it has liqorice roots in and as I have mentioned before the NHS leaflet on steroids states that liqourice can interact with steroids


  • Thanks for that Julie, I had forgotten about the liqourice, always good to have a reminder

    anna xxx

  • Do you know if licorice interacts with inhaled steroids as well as oral?

    I find licorice tea brilliant for my digestion/reflux but also take symbicort for severe copd. So far Ive never noticed any problem.

    Do you know what the interaction is likely to be? If it is just that it lessens the effect of your steroid medication, then i think Im ok though others may well not be, but if its likely, through the interaction, to damage organs, then that's another matter!

  • Just read your post below, lovemelovemydogs - adrenal glands, thanks.

  • Not sure about inhaled steroids I read it on the leaflet for prednislone steroids I would'nt personally take the chance, because I have Adrenal gland insufficency, and do not want to risk anything that would make my lungs worse.A lot of people who have been on steroids do.have it

    I do know Liqourice is used by a lot of people to aid indigestion, and they find it helps that .

    Best wishes julie

  • Thanks for reply.

    How do they test for adrenal insufficiency?

  • Testing for AG Insufficency is done by a blood test then a chemical injected (synathecen) into you then another blood test an hour later the two blood tests are reviewed to see how well the AG have changed its normally done as an in patient for half a day at the hospital. Symptoms are constant infections fatigue muscle aches and pains A lot of people who think they have M E turn out to have AG insufficency, I hope this helps


  • Yes, that's really helpful Julie.

    I have so much exhaustion and a lot of wierd infections lately - i had a foot one where i went from no pain whatsoever to not being able to walk on it at all within one hour - cleared up with antibiotics. And more unexpected ones.

    But in between the exhaustion I have reasonable energy, so its a bit confusing.

    I'll ask my GP and many thanks for the info, xjean

  • hi/it says if on steroids leave out the licorise root,seems it sounds like asthma herbs again,

  • That bit was added later

  • Fair enough, if you say so x

  • I'll stick with the PG Tips thanks anyway

  • does that mean no more liqourice allsorts then,,,,lol,,i love them

  • I am not 100% sure re liqourice allsorts but I do know it definatly means liqourice roots and raw liqourice, as it effects the Adrenal Glands which is one of the reasons steroids are prescribed to stimulate them to fight infection, so you would'nt want to take anything that affects them working properly

    My son and hubby are both liqourice allsorts fans to but as I have to live on steroids for the rest of my life now i avoid them just to be on the safe side.

    Love Julie xx x xx x

  • I am taking this with a large pinch of salt. No doubt very pleasant to drink. If the GP thought it good, he would suggest it. No, I will stick with my white wine in the evening.

  • Wine also does it for me Annieseed. x

  • I live on a tea plantation.thankyou anyway :)

  • QT for me. The lazy mans tea


    Your daily tonic

  • Why not liquorice when on steroids? Ta

  • Julie because liquorice affects the adrenal glands and steroid are prescribed to help them fight infection. I have put more details above for O2


  • interesting ... my herbalist has newly prescribed... this time without liquorice - she knows am on steroids ! wonder if this is relevant just for the symbicort inhaler daily too, not just prednisolone ?

  • Possibly I do remember some one who joined recently who had AG insufficency that had been caused by Symbicort. So I imagine it would

    Julie xx

  • thanks. wow, I learn more on here than anywhere else. x

  • Isn't there a prescription med containing mullein? (I've been watching some tea on eBay for ages but haven't bought it as it's very expensive and I don't know if I'll like the flavour, lol)


  • Why is this blog still on the board?

  • My doc told me to avoid liquorice too, can't remember exactly why, something to do with my adrenal problems I think, or my nutritional deficiencies.

    Herbs and whatnot can be extremely useful but dangerous too, not something we should take without checking out the safety first, especially when on multiple meds.

    nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/dru... writes,



    Licorice interacts with many prescription medicines. Talk to your healthcare provider if you plan to start using licorice.



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