Just had a funny thought

After the hassle the other day over carbs and sugar, i wonder how many yanks will pay a fortune to see the dietician after tomorrows independence day celebrations, BBQ's Ooh! No (high carbon emissions), Plenty of Coors Phew! (High colon emissions) Luvly Gumbo, Oh! No! ( Diminishing fish stocks), Crawdads 'n' chicklin Oh! No!, (Cruelty to hens and poor wee nippy things), And best of all, Grandpa's sipping whisky,Oh! No! (Granny's fallen in the pool again)

my apologies to all our American friends, but you've got to admit your are funny :D



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  • tempted to send that to my American sister, but somehow I dont think so. Just sent a Jacquie Lawson email card (good) and told her to remember she was born in Putney.

  • Hi Annie

    Jacquie Lawson --mail cards are fab. Use them all the time (usually because I've forgotten somebody's birthday).

    Hope all is well with you.

    Love and hugs



  • Cockney yank, now that's interesting ;)

  • We look alike but the American accent and the Brit accent. People used to give us strange looks when we went shopping together.

  • Not surprising, but then dump me in the middle of Wellingborough, with my accent and a bit of me dads Newcastle and i get funny looks, thad think ah wah a alien, :)

  • Is dickydoo really azaard, I am quite confused.

  • Yes!

  • I'm a Yank. Great observation!

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