Did you have wild animals in your house? Memories and thoughts............KOTC

Did you or your parents have any wild / exotic animals in the house?

I used to breed white mice,sold them for 6d each.Mum didn't like it when I put them in my bedroom,200 + of them.



There's nothing wild about Breathe Easy,is there?Pop along and find out

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  • Yes. :) xx

    Oh, you wanna know what they were? Two goats, one sheep and nine million house spiders (there were pretty wild I can tell you when being splatted with a slipper) LOL :) xx

  • scrobbity, splattered! They are all God's creatures. Pretty wild Eh, I wonder?

  • King, I am not sure that Betsy is a wild animal - no way! Her occupation is sleeping! Cant thinking of anything. I knew someone who kept a pig indoors (?) years ago. We did have a hamster that escaped his cage and ran amok, and ended up in the washing machine.

    Could talk about my daughter's grounds in Lymington. I sit eating my breakfast, looking out the window. Mases of rabbits, a deer, a ginger cat, the occasional pheasant, pigeons, seagulls, a white dove.

    We dont get tigers and other ferocious beasts around here -- love Annie x

    Inspiration coming up. My mother, having lived in India for many years, had a stuffed crocodile at the top of the stairs. I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Snappered!

  • Yes, Kingy, my parents kept wild animals - at least that's what mother always called me and my brothers .... a pack of wild animals ..... :)

    Sandra x x x

  • She was more than likely correct in that assumption!

  • HAHA that's funny :-) xxxx

  • My family were farmers, there was a barn adjacent to the house and the dogs,cats , lambs could come and go into the farmhouse as they pleased

  • Didn't they have animals on the farm though Stitch?

  • My sister and I lived with our grandparents and granddad had a monkey he had free range of the house but never made a mess, the monkey that is not granddad. We called grandad Popeye cos he used to go to sea. :) :)

  • Were you the cheeky monkey?

  • No I was a good girl :)

  • Chuckle chuckle.

  • Awe so sorry KOTC

    I am firmly against having animals in cages.

    All of those bunnies, birds, etc . . . who never get let out. Sobs.

    I remember having mice when younger and then letting them go

    (not good for the domesticated)

    My dad planted all these thoughts in my head. Every Easter us girls (x4)

    had little Easter chicks, after we had our fun with them they would

    go into the Chicken House and we had them for Christmas. Sadly


    xx Ros xx

  • Sorry I had to smile at this cos my grandma did the same she would let us cuddle and rear the little chics then when they grew they went into the hen house.

  • Chic,Chic ,Chic, Chic say a little?

  • That was a way of life!

  • Yep,4 of em....luckily they've all grown up and moved out....and they've all got wild animals of there own. Lol ;) phew !

  • Are you saying that they were a bit wild before they moved out?

  • Yep,..oh yes :)

  • Found a young snake in the field,,o goody a grass snake,,in the pocket away home..TURNED OUT TO BE A ADDER,,Whoops,,i was only 10,, i liked it... :)

  • Slip sliding away

  • Oh, all sorts King. Having lived out in the countryside there were a number to be 'rescued' due to cats...mice, voles, shrews, sadly as well as a number of birds.

    Underweight hedgehogs to small to hibernate were also taken in. Got those in need to my local vet who was good enough to treat wildlife free of charge. One year I over-wintered two tiny ones who'd found their way into the garden. Recorded their weight each week and they grew big and healthy and were released in the spring :) xx

  • You have a heart full of kindness

  • Oh lovelight, that brings back memories - I used to foster hedgehogs - the joy of nursing them back to good health and setting them free from a halfway house rescue centre was just brilliant. :) xx

  • Ugh! don't they have fleas?

  • Yes with lesser fleas upon there backs to bite them

  • Yes..and much needed Stitch, though I believe cat and dog ones are best avoided. The vet sorted out all the unwelcome visitors on that occasion :)

    Sorry if I've lost the thread but I saw that you were moving house and wonder if you've done that? Here's wishing you every happiness in your new home

    Lovelight x

  • What a noise in the middle of the night when they were?????

  • Oh Scrobb, that's good to know! :) xxx

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