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Hi everyone,

Today we've been noticing an enormous amount of reports of abuse coming through concerning bickering between users. After assessing what is going on along with the BLF, we (HealthUnlocked) thought it would be best to reach out to you all.

The truth is, although we have a lot of clashing of opinions between users, we don't feel that any of you deserve to be banned from this community. The real hope is that we can let the dust settle and hope you will all learn to get along.

As you may have heard, we have a new version of HealthUnlocked that will be launching NEXT WEEK. We are very excited for these new developments, especially categories, which will allow you all a place to share jokes and other off-topic conversation that others can easily ignore if they want to. There will be other developments along the way, so we also welcome your feedback on what we're trying to accomplish.

Let's all take a moment to remember how hard Mark and the rest of the BLF Helpline work to keep this community going on a day-to-day basis. Think about what it might mean to you if this community wasn't actually here. We need to learn to get along with each other in order to keep this community a safe, lively, and positive place.

Hope you are all as excited as we are for the new release of the platform next week!

All the very best,

Lora S.

Team HealthUnlocked


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43 Replies

  • Cant wait for the new platform like something new. Cant imagine life with out this site now

  • Gosh I don't understand why all this has raised its head. Am reasonably

    new so have not come across it very often.

    After I had unloaded all my health problems it was nice just to get to away

    from it, get to know everyone on here for a smile.

    And thank all you Team @ HealthUnlocked for giving everyone

    the opportunity to enjoy all topics. :0)

    xx Ros xx

  • Looking forward to the launch of the new version next week. Thank you to all the team :)

  • I cannot wait for this version to come along. I am grateful to Health unlocked and the BLF for all they have done in running a great forum which has made life easier, and to meet so many good people. Best wishes from Annieseed x

  • Look forward to it thank you

  • thanks to all @ Healthunlocked, looking forward to the new version! Thanks for the useful info and tips from the team and other members,x

  • Well said Lora. We should all appreciate the amount of work you all put in at the other end. The squabbling must be so disheartening for you all.

  • Great news and like many others I am really grateful for the hard work put in by Mark and everyone else. The new look site should sort a lot of issues out.

    Lynne xx

  • Looking forward to the new style forum


  • Thanks Lora, unlocked and BLF, I can't wait for the new format.

  • Thanks for the update.

  • I can only speak for myself....this site now plays a big part of my life, and has been so helpful over the last few months...but I find the disagreements very upsetting.

    I just can't understand why they have to happen.

    Thank you to the BLF and Health Unlocked for sorting the problem, and to everyone else for their positive contributions.

  • Like others I am looking forward to the new platform. I am a new user and although I have not made any posts I have found a lot of the users and the information they put on the Forum very helpful. I am on a learning curve with COPD at present and appreciate everyones input.

    Thanks to the BLF and Health Unlocked for providing the necessary support to us all.

  • Looking forward to the new site, hopefully that will cure all the issues.

  • Hi Lora and thanks for the info and all the work that will have made it possible.

    I await with great interest the behaviour of forum members on the new look site it will be interesting and revealing methinks. How many kingdoms can one person lay claim to ?


  • I am looking forward to the new version of healthunlocked. I can't understand why (adults) would use profanity and other negative words to others in replies. How can that come across as supportive in any way? I would have thought that all the people on here would have been mature enough to voice their opinions in a more educated way so as to not cause offence to others on here. It really fails me to understand these type of people and the way they 'think' their comments are helpful. I do hope that in future people will think about their replies to others on here and as to how they would feel given the same responses. Good luck with any new subjects or sections of the future healthunlocked. By the way we could maybe start a friendship/companionship community for members on here looking to find others within their local places of abode to support each other and maybe share day trips out with each other. We all need support in this life despite what illnesses we have.

  • Hi I was just wondering if you have a Breathe Easy club near you...our meetings are a chance to chat and learn new things about our condition, there are outings, lunches and exercise sessions.

  • I have been here for a good couple of years now, and I cant praise the site highly enough. I tell doctors and respiratory nurses where I got my knowledge, when I ask about this treatment or that medication. I am known for for knowing my COPD. I dont post so much now, only if I think I can help someone. But I do visit three or four times daily.There has always been spates of bickering and moaning, and suppose there always will be, but its down to each individual just to ignore what they dont want to read, and not reply and stir things up. We are all adults and should be able to disagree sensibly.That said, I admire all the work that Mark and his dedicated team put in, and will be forever grateful for the help and knowledge I have gained.. I will look forward to the next version.

    best wishes, ingrid

  • Looking forward to the new platform, maybe it will help people to access the kind of support they are looking for. Keep up the good work Team Health Unlocked & BLF

  • Looking forward with interest.

    When was this site born! can any body tell me?


  • Here you go - a question asked earlier today, the statistics are very interesting



  • Thank you George.

  • I must say, I've never seen any profanity (referred to in an earlier reply above), but I do think the new sections should work very well, - so long as those who have been objecting to the lighthearted, funny, silly and crazy posts that take a lot of us out of the misery that copd can be, do not start entering that section and carry on complaining. They will be able to post serious blogs and answer questions without having to "sort the wheat from the chaff". George

  • Looking forward to the new format - let's hope everyone is happy with it.


  • Anything I dont approve of I do not comment on or report. I enjoy my early morning reading the blogs and look forward to seeing the new format Joyce

  • hi joyce good morn to u,nice yesterday at breathe easy eh,2 nice medical men ,George wong an naseem gill.i asked George/if im put in hoz with copd wat and how will I get treated,he was honest and said we don't want u in hoz we are working now to keep u all at home wich is better for us health wise,but if we are put in hoz them 2 are in charge now,so that's a good thing as I found him friendly .hope good days are round the corner,went early as I had be at Royton rehab for the walk,was ok did it an 2 nurses there were fine,1 was astonished wen I said gps nurse said id be on oxy soon,he said ad no rite saying that at all,none,he said be long time yet be fore that so don't take any notice,told him at 1st I did but then no ignored her,as its a consultant wat decides that not her,think they do that in case ur still smoking well im not and never will.she had only stopped cigs 9yr ago.shows doesn't it sum are hyprocrits and like to think we have u now ur in the system,well we can hop out anytime and change or gp or consultant anytime,i do not take kindly to being spoken to like im 2yr old,and I tell them that to.the woman I was sat with ive known her long time/was shocked wen I saw her as I no she has never ever smoked,her partener smokes cigars all his life and nothing wrong with him,dcs told her its passive smoking,wats give her copd ,now I know not all my copd is with smoking as I never smoked that much ,my ex smoked regular wen I didn't and I worked cotton mills 20 odd yr and brought up in a smokers house an usual illnesses,

  • Glad you gained such a lot from the meeting. I found it very useful too.Keep well Joyce x

  • This site is a life saver for me - I can ask questions and get sensible replies and support - there are jokes which make me laugh - and I could not imagine life without it now even though i have only been a member for a couple of weeks, I shall look forward to the new site, If I dont like anything I just dont read it or I ignore it, I wouldnt argue or comment on it - we are all different people and what I dont like doesnt mean someone else wouldnt,

  • Thanks for all the work you do Lora.

    Im wondering if there as much conflict on your other sites. Very sad when there are so many positives. Hope the new format helps resolve things, and hope people can learn to let go and move on when disagreements happen. Life is too short - especially ours.

  • Thanks for that, that will be great, that is the segregation of trivia from fact. there is opportunity on this site to further the knowledge of everyone including the medical profession, and confidence amongst sufferers when talking to the professionals,

    I do also believe that thousands of eyes reading and studying the condition can only be a benefit to us all,

    the Trivia though can from time to time be a good diversion, and is amusing, but does take time, and COPD makes time short, as everything we do takes longer.

    so thank you very much for identifying the need, and by making it so.


  • Thanks to Mark and all for everything you do on BLF. As for the other business regarding bickering etc.......no comment. That is the best way forward I feel. Looking forward to next week now and can't wait to see the new format. Wishing everyone well and take care. xxxxx

  • As with others - am looking forward to it...

  • " we don't feel that any of you deserve to be banned from this community."

    My partner was banned in December 2012. How much longer must she be banned ?

  • This was referring specifically to the latest incident.

  • Ok.

  • Thank you BLF. You all do a fantastic job and it IS very sad to see the awful nasty behaviour of some on this site. I personally have gained a lot of invaluable information that enables me to enjoy a better quality of life. I have also joined the BLF as a member and will continue to support this essential forum, even though at times I despair ! I really enjoy some of the humour and stories from a fabulously eclectic and sometimes downright eccentrics bunch of people who endure their condition with not a little courage.

    Don't let the minority spoil an excellent resource for all people with lung disease.

    Well done BLF .........Adrian

  • Fortunately I have only seen the remnants of one unpleasant person and greatly enjoy the banter and jokes, thank you to you all especially the people at the BLF for running the site.

  • Could you tell me how I can make the print larger. Thanks

  • Hi top right on the tool bar you will see three bars click on these go to zoom press plus till you get it so you can see the text xx

  • Thanks, raptor, I will look.

  • Well who knew LOL - thanks for that and thanks to Annie for asking :) - but now I want to know what a new incognito window is?

    anna xx

  • Yesterday took charge of a breathing machine. The force of air seems too intense. Do I breath in from my nose and out from my mouth? I find the force of air, lthough advised by the Doctor it was on normal and would ease after 20 mins,when I should have fallen asleep, I did not I had to take it off. Any advice please...Audrey

  • Hi Towse, what sort of breathing machine, do you have, sleep problem or lung.?

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