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I would like to add my comments to all the other people who have written previously to say thank you for this site.

As I have said before I have had chronic breathing difficulties for 20 years, but I was a carer for my 3 asthmatic daughters for 20 years before that. This site has helped me so much over the last few months since I joined

Difficulties which I thought were mine alone, like the anxiety, the panic attacks, the "good and bad days",the relationship problems seem much less when I realised other people were going through similar things. The humour lifts my spirits.

I try not to be defined by my poorly lungs...hard when I can hear every breath!.But there are things that I have gained as well, My OU degree(they were amazingly accommodating),

my charity knittting and Breathe Easy.

Long may this site keep going

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Lovely blog knitter and thanks :) xx A clever girl and talented too, may we reflect in your glory LOL - so jealous of your ability to knit. My poor mother tried when I was little to teach me and ended up yanking it out of my hands after half an hour. Either it was so appalling she couldn't stand it anymore or her patience needed a bit of work. The jury is out on that one!

Happy Tuesday! :) xx

So glad you have found the site helpful knitter and the breathe easy.

Congratulations on achieving your OU degree.

Hope the site will keep going to be of help to many more to come.

Best wishes BC

And so say all of us and thankyou for your help, advice and suupport as well.

Tina x :)

What a lovely Blog, knitter, and I too thank you for your advice and support :) Can I just say, though, I am extremely jealous. My mother and grandmother both could knit, but I failed to find the aptitude. I shall now go away and sit in the corner with my crochet hook and ball of wool....and make another kaftan throw LOL ;) Oh, and well done you on your OU. Not an easy task, as it takes oodles of self determination and drive to focus on the workload. Congratulations! :)

Sandra x x x

Take care


What a lovely positive post so glad your enjoying the site and the humour too. Lovely to hear from you thanks for this post

love julie xx x xx

Oh well done on the degree, & what a lovely blog,

Thank you Knitter



Well done on your degree knitter. I was thinking of doing one and then decided I was too thick. A smashing blog that was of great interest. Thank you.

Bobby xxx

what a very positive blog. congratulations on your OU degree. :)

thanks knitter

love anna xxx

A case of 'Drop one pearl one' or something like that


I'm a great believer in the saying every cloud has a silver lining I believe this site is the silver lining in having copd. Like you I love the site and am thankful that I found it.

Hi ,can somebody please do a dictionary of abbreviations please !!!! What is an OU degree and what is A R??There are plenty of others but can't think at the moment !!!!Many thanks

in reply to dime

Hi dime, OU is open university, but I'm not sure what A R is, sorry :)

Sandra x x x

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