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I don't mind

if you don't mind

and if they don't mind

then it makes no never no mind

A mind to wander

a mind to think

a mind to ponder

a mind to shrink

Mind the cat

mind the door

mind that lamppost


Minds can be great

when they think alike

minds can be feeble or blank

but if your mind, works owt like mine

I'm afraid to say

you've the mind of a plank.

DD. Azaard. :P

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LOL, was that carrying on the theme from Alwayssmiling's great thinking blog from earlier today? Well done hun :) x x x


that is very good. :) yes well done

anna xx


Not my usual wit, just popped me night meds, and head gone out the window, horrible feeling, just like getting off the Waltzers after half a dozen goes at once, takes a while for the Mind (lol) to catch up,and the rest

its like mouse trails, only its you, and you can see it, honest, when i move i can see another four of me catching up, i know which med causes it, ( Ivabradine, aka Procoralaran ) but if i don't take it, holy hell breaks loose with me brick, and that causes nightmares with my breathing, then its noo na, noo naa, time.

So hey ho here we go,

a little to high

but i daren't go low,

mensa puzzle :-

take a square of paper and a needle,

pin the paper to a board.

how can you remove the paper from the pin without touching it, cutting it, ripping it,

you need to think outside the box.

answer tomorrow


Oh; I'm no mensa case either, a mental case, Yes! but a mensa case No!

and you cant remove the needle,


Loved the mind poem. Thankyou and I bow down before you. 1 16oz sirloin steak on its way to you. Sure you can do something wth it.

Being lazy I'd get someone else to take it off for me!


Very good my favourite one is the philosophical - What is matter? - never mind, What is mind? - never matter. ha ha xx


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