I'm getting a bit paranoid! I post very few funnies compared to some on here but every time I do it seems someone blogs about too much

humour on here and not enough serious stuff. I have posted enough serious blogs recently for a lifetime but they appear to be overlooked. Or is it because I only blogged about my mum dying and its not lung disease related? Well she stopped breathing so lack of breath did kill her.

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  • Oh Bev lovely xx This is a community lung support group. You have a lung condition and needed support. We gave it you willingly. When you posted a funny one, I was delighted that you felt able and most of us responded in the same vein. Carry on as you feel fit - you are perfectly entitled to. :) xx

  • I agree with wheezy we were all saddened at your loss, and your funny's are duly noted, we all care for you. Keep blogging hyper, :)

  • ...I've no idea as I'm new here myself and as far as I'm concerned death is death so i am very sorry to read that your mum has passed away ... I send you a hug x

  • Thank you Lillytan. That is very nice of you. Welcome to the site. You sound like a lovely person.

    Bev xx

  • Bev please don't take it to heart. You have had such a rotten time recently with your mum dyeing I really enjoyed as did many others your blog this morning funny and also got the old grey cells working too Theres always going to be the odd person that will not be happy you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people not all the people all the time. I hope your well

    Julie xx

  • Oh dear, ya know what it's like, can't please all the people all the time.... Please don't think for one minute you're blogs are not important, because the are, and as a community we all felt your pain, sweetheart. with the trials you had leading up to and the eventual passing of your mum. ((((((Bev))))). It was super today to see your blog, and the strength you had to post it. The humour that the community poured into it and took from it, is evidence that it was well received. Please don't stop being you, you wonderful person, you :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Aw Sandra you will make my head swell... I can feel my halo choking me - oh its just the cat jumping on me! :d

    Bev xx

  • Dear Bev, just let me add my admiration for what you did this morning after all you've been through. We are here to support you, whatever your problems be they health or otherwise. Of course we would love to join in with happiness and successes as well. So be what and who you are and we will be there. Big ((((((((Bev))))))))

    Tina x :)

  • Bless you Tina

    Bev xx

  • Bev, don't let others get you down.

    Your entitled to be serious or joke, if others don't like it they don't have to read it.

    If I don't like something, I just stop reading it and move on, others could do the same.

    Take care.


  • Bev I really enjoyed your blog and reading everyones answers. Please take my hug and love. And believe that you are wonderful and important to us xxx

    :) anna xxxxx

  • Aww thank you all. Just posted that blog in a fit of pique. I'm usually quite a sensitive soul (I know but I can't help it) and I find criticism very hard to take! And sometimes I perceive criticism when its not there. (Oh dear mustn't give away too much here). All my dear friends here have been absolutely fantastic and its only thanks to all of you that I feel some semblence of normality returning. I was celebrating that in my 'funny' blog. Now I feel a little knocked back again.

    I seemed to have been hogging the floor lately and not been helping others much which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I know everyone here has problems and most of your illnesses are much worse than mine. Its been brilliant that you can forget all that to help me so much. It makes me feel very humble. Thank you all.

    I am going to try and be there for you all more because you all deserve it. My friends...

    (God someone pass me the sick bucket... :)

    Bev xxxxxxx

  • Late at night HyperCat, we all have thoughts chasing around in our minds but you are with lots of very caring people. Read everything that is said here and know eventually that life will become much easier. XXXX

  • Thank you Annie. Sometimes I find kindness very hard to take - not used to it I guess :(

    Bev x

  • Hi Bev, you know yourself well, both strengths and weakness's. Glad you are feeling a bit better, sweetheart. Can you tell me how to find your funny blog as I missed it. Hope to see you soon xx

  • Hiya puppylover. Thank you so much. Will ring you very soon. Thanks for the card - have it up. If you click on my name you will find all my blogs. I have probably told you it already!

    Bev xxx

  • Your blog last night, it could have been me talking about me. I think, also, losing a loved one leaves one very vulnerable. (sounds like the Queen) love Annieseedxx

  • Lol Annie

    Bev x

  • Hi Bev, I was sorry to read about your mom, I have been having a rough time supporting my daughter this last 3 weeks so I haven't been posting much on the site. I did try keep up to date with what was happening so I just read the posts.

    I love being able to post on whatever it is that is troubling me and know that support is here for me. I also like to give my support it makes me feel part of the community. I wouldn't like it to become a place where just lung problems were discussed. I believe it's because we have an insight into the lives and personalities of others that we make a connection and become friends. I feel I have many friends on this site, friends I would never have made it all we did was answer lung related questions.

  • I totally understand copdber. Your daughter is your priority and thats how it should be. Because of my personal situation I haven't been around much to support others. I do want to start giving back again some of the support and love I have had from you all. It will happen when my heads settled a bit.

    Bev x

  • Take your time Bev we all understand. xxx

  • You keep blogging about lots of things Bev as it all makes life more interesting. Hope you are doing ok. I am also a sensitive soul but what is a girl to do?!! Take care. xxxxx :)

  • From one sensitive soul to another sassy :d

    Bev x

  • Life is a mix of joy and sadness, so our posts reflect that (thought for the day!)

  • Dear hypercat,

    A big ((((((((hug))))))))) for you.

    I really like your posts xxxxx

    Sorry for your loss, Bev, take care of yourself. xxx

  • Oooh lovely hugs. Thank you my love.

    Bev xx

  • Sorry for your loss hypercat, stay with us we love your posts we are here to help and support genuine people like yourself. Love & xxxxx's

  • Aw thank you exblonde. Thats lovely.

    Bev x

  • Well Bev. You have picked ourself up and dusted yourself off and come back fighting with the funnies. Good for you girl! You want to put funnies up you go ahead, it's alright by me.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Ha ha Bobby. Never going to be a threat to KOTC or Berwick or others with my funnies! I love reading your blogs and posts. You have a wicked sense of humour :)

    Bev x

  • There can never be too much funnies to cheer us up, that's for sure :)

  • Thank you everyone. I nearly deleted my blog but glad I didn't now. As always my friends here have been supportive. Bless you all.

    Bev xxx

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