lay off the sugar and carbs

what carbs do, they keep water in your body, sugar makes you want more , not good for people with copd, bad bad , you will feel so much better and so cheep to do, if you dont by the cookies or the pasta , you can salad ,colliflower , i cant spell coliflower but you can do so much with coliflower,like make it into rico or turn it into pizza crust, yummy, lot of veggies you can turn into stuff you really like, you will fell better..

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  • Stirfries are good, all the curries, sphag. bol, chilli concarne all can be veggie. Tell you what, latingirlshyp, how about cauliflower cheese. BIG SMILEY!! All the soups. We are having bacon and mushroom tagliatella (?sp) tonight. Cut the bacon out.

  • Lasagne and salad for me tonight, Annie :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Hi Hun, see we got another yank that obviously didn't make third grade, lol

  • sounds good, can i have the recipe

  • But that's pasta based surely?

  • Sure is, Scrobbitty. Minced beef, onions, tomatoes and pasta sheets, all topped with mascapone ... cause I hate making cheese sauce :)

  • oh i am from usa, i never heard of it.

  • Hope you have a good 4th of July when it comes :)

    Sandra x x x

  • you too baby

  • I'm not American, so I wont be celebrating

  • ok

  • Never heard of Lasagne in America.!!! Blimey

  • Obviously never been to the Italian quarter NY

  • I came back from New York 2 weeks ago, they have Lasagne in New York, my daughter ordered it twice !!!!!!

  • Actually cauliflower is very bad for producing excess mucus.

  • I never knew that, shame I love cauliflower simmered in milk, I learned something :)

  • Yep, I was researching what made the mucus worse and found that - was annoyed because I love cauliflower, still have it when the mucus not bad but smaller quantities. :) xx

  • what else is on that list please?

  • And gas phew!!! Lol

  • I do not agree with you. Carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy for the body. Complex carbohydrate is better for you than simple carbs, as the energy is released more slowly. Your daily diet should be a balance of carbohydrate and protein. Unless a nutritionalist or doctor has told you otherwise


  • The body needs a balanced diet including carbs it just doesn't need them in sugary foods so much. NHS choices has a good guideline on the eatwell plate you might want to take a look at to get an idea on percentages:

  • doctor said carbs are not good for you, sugar is not good for you and you will feel better, but hey you do you, the only carbs are good for you are healthy carbs and thats not pasta or rice.

  • Don't know who your doc is, and in all truth I'm glad. Perhaps for a person in full health that may be the case, but for some who are suffering the effects of COPD, too much energy is being used just to breath!

  • I wholeheartedly agree. There is an ideal weight for each of us! Being too thin or being too fat is bad for us.

    I'd love to take off my fat suit but i take comfort in carbs! I know it is wrong doesn't stop me.

  • The body lets us know what it needs - that's what cravings are about... You're a guy, Kevi, so you may not be able to relate to this, but when I was pregnant, and a lot of pregnant ladies to have cravings for the most obscure things, it's because our bodies are telling us we need those nutrients or minerals... thinking of the coal eating ladies - hey, whatever baby needs, baby gets LOL

  • Picances, i think that't the name for odd cravings during pregnancy. I fully understand them...

    I have sugar cravings, chocolate cravings in particular... Told gp for many years and was ignored... Ended up diabetic..... Hey ho!

    Thanks for your coomunications


  • Empty calories are not good for you, but they are soooooooooooo tasty!

    I am continuing to work on my portion control and keep carbs in Moderation! Lot easier said than done! I fail all too regularly!


    Carb addict from nuneaton XX

  • Talking of empty calories, just pulled a carrot cake out of the oven ... topping it with marscapone icing .... well, I need all the calories I can get :)

    Baker from South Lanarkshire x x x

  • good on you! Carrot cake is that also one of your five a day?

    Carbs are mainly 'nutritionally' empty calories....If you need energy then enjoy them.

    If you need all the calories you can get I can't think of a better way to enjoy them!!!!!

    Unfortunately, my breathing normally isn't too bad and I am about 4 stone overweight. Whenever I lose control of my breathing for whatever reason I promise to lose it as it makes breathing more difficult....when I recover I usually lose my resolve.......Eating is my one vice

    Keep on baking

    best wishes


  • If you don’t have enough carbohydrate in your diet, your body will start to break down fat and then protein to get the glucose it needs. Protein is important for your body to be able to grow and repair itself, so using it as an energy source means there will be little left to carry out these vital functions. If you eat enough carbohydrate, you can prevent this.

  • Feel I have to make some comment on this dietary blog. I love cauliflower, it has antioxidants but does cause flatulence as do some other veg that are good for you. Tomatoes are healthy but the acid in them irritates arthritic joints. Onions and any of their family are good for the chest mucus but cause wind in the digestion.Protein is good for you for energy, repair, and growth if you are younger but too much can be bad if you have kidney disease. So what we eat is very much an individual decision taking into account, health status, side effects, cost,benefits,weight ect

  • Well said :)

  • Good point well put Katie :)

  • I agree with Katie especially the last line I went for results of blood tests today My cholestral levels and sugar levels have risen slightly again, the wonderful sweet nurse said"Please don't worry I am not going to give you a lecture we don't do that here when we have people with chronic illness we understand that it's difficult enough to cope with breathing and it's best to enjoy what time your given than be stressed out about something else"

    Julie xx

  • you will breath better i need a double lung transplant and i am stage four but i feel great , i better than i felt in a long time, so die if you want to , but i am going to live

  • How rude People are entitled to their own opinion, and I am only relating what the nurse said to me this morning,the truth is we are all going to die anyway I am going to do what my nurse said and enjoy what time i have left. And I cannot believe that you have never heard of Lasagne because your from the USA with such a hugh Italian community there.

  • Not exactly a supportive comment to make latingirl. I wish you well with your transplant, but surely since you feel so well, you won't be needing it?

  • not being rude all i said was to eat healthy and dont eat white sugar and what did i get but some people telling me that eating healthy is not good for you, so do you and if some one gets what i am saying please help me, what you eat is what you are , 70 percent of most illness come from thing you eat and drink and smoke. if you cant get that i just dont know what else to say

  • A healthy balanced diet is important of that there is no doubt, it helps our overall wellness. We can do without white sugar for sure.

  • thank you thats all i said

  • BC i have respectfully ignored any of your posts or comments made by you as you requested as we will clearly never agree It is such a shame that you do not have the good manners to do the same to me The rude remark she made as you well know was aimed at me and if you really think that telling some one to die on a health site which is meant to be supportive is appropriate then your clearly in the wrong place.

    So sad that you think that you know more than nurses doctors and dieticians No diet could EVER cure emphesyma as she claimed last week if it did there would be hardly any people on this site.

  • What you actually told me to do was die because my nurse had given me different advice to yours

    As for sugar NO we cannot do with out it. My daughter recently had a tooth removed her carers asked her dietician should they exclude sugar in her diet and he said definatly NOT she needs some sugar to maintain muscle. Funny how these amateurs read a few bits on the internet and suddenly become experts and know better than Nurses and dieticians.

  • you are crazy, if you need sugar eat fruit,

  • The sugars on fruit are pectin, these sugars are not readily absorbed by the human body, plus they are easily burned off, leaving the body needing to replace it,

  • thats what i am saying, good healthy food

  • No your saying don't eat sugar, and no carbs, if you intend to lecture people, then you to have hard facts and documented evidence to back up what your saying,, pls go back to school i learned all this at about the age of 10,

  • Again I repeat HOW RUDE first you tell me to die now you call me crazy WHY? because I took the advice of my nurse and my daughters dietician

    Strange way to behave on a health site.

  • no not me, i think you are lying

  • You are way out of order now. You do not know this member, yet you make such a rash statement! How dare you insult a member of this site, especially one which is supportive. Your comments are ill-founded, but I doubt there will be an apology. That would take a modicum of manners.

  • "you will breath better i need a double lung transplant and i am stage four but i feel great , i better than i felt in a long time, so die if you want to , but i am going to live"

    This was your reply to the person you have just called a liar.

  • i am sorry i did mean that, please fore give me , i was writing so fast, i am sorry for that,..

  • no because i do think she is lying

  • substantiate wherein you can determine a falsehood. Please, then we can all fall about laughing, as we happen to know there is a witness who can verify what the nurse told Julie....

  • Why would i lie??????

    you were talking about diet I relayed to you what my nurse who is very supportive explained to me.You then insult me and other members.

    The book you were promoting on" how diet cured my moms emphesymea" is totally misleading. and you are giving false hope to some one vulnerable

    Every members dietary needs are different we are humans not robots.

  • Fact i am not crazy or a liar or am i going to do what you suggested and die

    My husband was with me at the appointment with the nurse she was telling me and him what was best to do for me.

    You are incredibly rude and bad mannered.

  • i was not talking to you and i am sorry if you think i was

  • Seems to me that, the only advice you listen to is that which cost you a fortune, go ask your older relatives how they coped back then without some jumped up md that's in in it for the money, telling them what's good for you and what ain't, they' have run him out if town or strung bin up,

  • If your doctor saw you losing weight, would he recommend you continue on that diet, or perhaps encourage you to ingest as much calorific content as possible, irrespective of where it came? Your comments are viewed, at best, as ill considered, and at worst, downright rude. How dare you or anyone else for that matter consider your advice to be above that of the medical professional advice others are following.

    Considering one of the first blogs I remember you making claimed to cure emphysema .... really? Perhaps slow it down, but never cure it, it is after all a degenerative disease. People make their own choices in this life - longevity or quality of life is their choice. Who are you or indeed, anyone else to disrespect those choices?

  • no he would not want me on this diet, but if you are little you know i am not talking to you, so don"t make this about you

  • Then please stop generalising your comments. You may be overweight, but not everyone with copd is overweight. That is probably why I find your comments to be so uninformative and ill conceived.

  • i am 120 pounds and feel great you feel bad about yourself your doing crazy talk, and as far as using this web cite i have friends here, so you step off

  • Do us all a favour crawl back under whichever neolithic stone its was you crawled out from, pls,

  • Compared to my 100 lbs, then yes, you are large and I suppose you do need to watch what you eat to keep the weight off. Unlike you, I do not regurgitate tripe and hope to pass it off as sirloin steak! May I remind you this is an open community, and everyone is entitled to comment. Please remember that before you attempt to tell anyone to 'step off'... If you are prepared to blog nonsense, then expect a comeback.

  • You let the American race down, by your attitude I have many American relatives that I love to bits.

  • you also said don't eat carbs and that is unhealthy.

  • i heard of lasagna but would never here a nurse tell you not to eat healthy.. to live longer

  • Take no notice latingirlshyp, not every one with copd gives up on a healthy diet, it is what is recommended generally.

  • Define a healthy diet !!!!!

  • every body still awake

  • every body still awake lol

  • Wow, that must be hugely expensive in the States. Does your insurance cover you for this? And what are the longevity expectations once transplant successful? Is there a cut of age in the USA like there is here in the UK?

  • What an absolutely disgusting thing to say to someone, I don't know how you could come out with a comment like that,for someone with the health problems you have I am really surprised how insensitive you could be,you post on here and expect people not to question what you do in America,We are two completely differant countries with differant ways.i thought we were here to try to support people when needed.Not to say to someone 'die if you want to ! '

  • That was no worse than you saying " if your little, I' m not talking to you" personally i think your an airhead as we call them, got two ears and nowt in between seeing as how you happy to throw insults but don't like the fact they come back at ya !!! :P

  • I feel I must protest at the insensitivity that you have just given the American people and why would you be on a British website when everyone knows that America does everything best!. How dare you tell a member of this forum to go and die, if you feel like this I suggest you remove your ignorant, uneducated, rude and attention seeking persona from this site. Please find somewhere you're style and personality would be more appreciated, just not HERE.

  • That is a horrid thing to say latingirlshype

  • The problem about natural remedies is that there is so much conflicting evidence out there, if any at all. Most of it doesn't take into account the variables of illness or reactions to certain medicines. Therefore unless you can qualify your statements with a medical qualification, I personally, would suggest that further blogs should be less, do this or die and more, I've tried this and it works for me. Statements such as 'die if you want to' aren't in the best taste and for some of our more vulnerable members could be quite distressing.

  • Ah well.Eat drink and be merry,in your own ways.


    Your daily humour

  • i woke a lot of people up, eat a salad, lol

  • Yep loads of salad,just like you Americans

  • But, do you want that supersized LOL

  • Sorry,far to much green stuff for me. Lol

  • I was meaning the fries with the salad ... America does after all have an horrendous record for obesity .....

  • Far from waking us up - you've actually insulted us with your ill considered remarks. Please do not insult our intelligence further. For medical and nutritional advice, I seek professionals, not amateurs reading it out of a book....

  • if i insulted you you have problems ,you can"t be that intelligent if you are calling yourself us, and you get mad because i said eat healthy and don" eat white sugar,, you don"t have to listen to me, let some one else listen

  • Please have the courtesy to pin back your ears and listen to what is being said ... I take professional advice, not regurgitated offerings from mere amateurs, such as yourself. Not mad, only insulted by your comments and your rabid remarks. Please, remember, a little knowledge can and does cause damage when applied inappropriately.

  • We have problems!!!! ,you have insulted every person on here tonight.BlakeyC is the only one giving what you say any credence,and I think that is only to prolong this debate to goad certain people into reacting to what she herself has said.Total bunkum

  • Agreed jammy! Total load of Codswallop !!

    ere do they allow computers to imates in asylums over there !! Certainly looks that way lol

  • That's the point no one wants to. Are you so thick skinned you can't see what's staring you in the face, blakey c seems to be the only one so why not take this onto pm with he/ she, whichever the case may be, ;)

  • very rude again that is not all you said, you have littered your bad advise with insults

  • Why do you think we ain't listening to you ?

  • How charming, tell someone to die and then make jokes as if you are a kind, well intentioned and caring member of this community. Forgive me for needing the sick bucket to get over your hypocracy.

  • I am under a German doctor specialised in clinical nutrition.

    I am allergic to most raw fruit and veg, so "eat a salad" is something my doc would never say.

    Carbs are necessary, it is not healthy to live without them.

    Regarding our diets, one size does not fit all, we need different amounts and different types of food depending on our individual body, metabolism, health and other factors.

    There always see, to be people preaching on a out what we should or shouldn't eat, it they invariably are the ones who know nothing about our individual dietary needs. They are evangelists and I wish they would stop.

  • You let your nation down. Learn from your President, diplomacy and tact!!

  • I do eat salad thanks very much and hey guess what I still have emphysema.

    My Dad died of it, there is no know cure at present.

    Hope you can sleep easy.....................I know I would not after this conversation. When I was in USA 4 weeks ago everyone was really nice, glad I didn't dump into you

  • i am not going to argue with you

  • You are very rude Latingirlshyp. You can disagree without being obnoxious. Personally as I am on benefits and have very little money I eat whatevers cheap and fills me up.

  • I eat what I like. I don't put on weight and it makes no difference to my breathing. We are all different.

    Advice is ok but not advice with insults.

  • Did I hear someone say something about lemon meringue pie ?

    Do ask Jeeves to pop along and see cook there's a good gel.

    One should perhaps seek medical help for your other problem, pathological, harmless but it will take more than pills I fear.

  • What a lovely friendly and supportive site this is, and the people are just so wonderful ....... ?? it looks very much like a lot of people ganging up on one person.

    Can't quite understand where the friendly and supportive is hiding in this blog.

    We are all different and don't all agree on what is supportive and friendly that is for sure.

  • Perhaps if you opened your eyes you might see many people supporting a member who has been called a liar? But then, some people only see what they want to see, and disregard the truth because of their own rose tinted spectacles. Shame really. But that is life, and thankfully, we are all different. Good night.

  • I thought you'd gone !!

  • I thought so too, he or she had certainly announced that he or she was leaving.

    Couldn't resist the opportunity to lecture on at us again though, could (s)he.

  • Well said, glad some one on this this site has some common sense, Seems to me latingirlshyp has done a wonderful job of winding you all up, and lots of you have taken the bait. Well done BlakeyC for not falling into the trap and keeping both your manners and integrity in tact.

  • Are you for real ???

    Where was any common sense in any of latingirl or BlakeyC comments ?

    could tell me and explain why you think this !!!

  • Be kind. I am a kind and caring person until someone insults and upsets a respected member of this site and someone I would call a friend. Then I support my friend and treat the person who did the insulting and any allies with the contempt they so richly deserve.

    As can be seen my friend has more than just the one friend to be kind to her and come to support her.

  • To be kind to EVERYONE HERE, to be supportive and appear to be a friendly community that people may consider would have been kinder if you all just reported the offending comment then ignored. Instead of which you all chose to gang up and bully the person.

    However you want to justify your actions, ganging up on someone is not kind. It is bullying.

    The community is larger than your little gang.

    You are all showing yourselves up for who you really are.

    Just report me and ignore and do us ALL the kindness of doing the same to any one else who comments or blogs something you don't like, instead of showing this dreadful unkind behaviour in a public support community for those who are chronically ill.

    Besides yourselves, there are thousands of others out their who are also chroncially ill with a lung condition. The site does not solely belong to you.

  • My dear woman

    Since when were you employed as the arbiter of what can and cannot be posted. If you wish to be ignored (which I seriously doubt) then take your own advice and report all posts and comments you disapprove of.

    I have made no secret of my life, illness and positive attitude as well as my liking for humour. I do not think anyone can complain about being bullied after they have told someone to die. However they have not complained. You have taken on that role yourself. Was this your own doing or are you in collusion?

    I have no doubt you will find plenty to say and attempt to twist my words. The common tactics of a passive aggressive.


  • Blimey,don't you think you were reported so many times yesterday,oh and I'm reporting this aswell.

  • BlakeyC --- "your little gang"-----

    What on earth is Alwayssmiling's little gang, and where?

    I am relatively new (joined end April this year) and have felt extremely welcome here. I love the people here, they are warm, fun, caring, friendly and that's why I still visit.

    I really don't know why you (BlakeyC) constantly complain and moan about it being unfriendly, unwelcoming bla bla. I suggest it is actually you yourself being unfriendly and somewhat over critical of others here.

    If you constantly moan and accuse, people are not going to warm to you.

    I don't know why you are so critical but really believe you would enjoy the forum more if you were to relax and stop going on about bullying, because the only bullying I have seen on this forum has been by yourself.



  • O my god, I have just read all these comments and couldn't believe my eyes... It's like a playground, and the usual people jumping on the band wagon,,,, where's my tin hat

  • it's god awfu lisn't it. Very sad. Someone tries to help and they receive a load of vitriol. I'm so ashamed .......................... sorry latingirl and blakeyc

  • Why what have you done to upset them?

  • So latingirl called me a Liar crazy and too die, when all I did was to relay the advice my nurse and dietician gave to me and BC takes the opportunity to have yet another pop at me, even though i have been avoiding her blogs as agreed..

    And your defending them very strange

    Actually Latingirl has made a blog where she has now apologised and accepted her remarks were wrong and I have accepted it gratefully., so why are you continuing this when its been resolved peeg


  • Where it was last night under the bed.

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