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Hi everyone I would like to thank you all for your condolences on the loss of my brother and your understanding .His funeral was on Friday I didn't make it as I was I'll and iam in sunderland and my brother was in taunton it was to far .But turned out for the best as my dad who lives near me was rushed in to hospital with pneumonia and his kidneys are failing so ended up I the hospital with him all night and of course I was at his bed side at the time of his funeral, but my hubby was there for me and my friend stayed with me will keep you up to date on how my dad is doing as he is 89 in oct and again thank you for being there for me

Best wishes and good health to you all Decor

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Oh heck, Decor, it never rains but it pours! Fingers crossed for your dad, probably the upset of your brother knocked him for six, but he is in the best place at the moment. Do keep us up to date. Hugs :) xx

Haven't told him about my brother as he could not take it thanks for hugs could do with them right now

prayers and thoughts are with u décor hang in there ur not alone .we are with you

Oh double bless xx Have another hug then for luck (()) xx

So very sorry to hear that things have got so much worse for you pleas make sure you keep us up to date with how your Dad is doing The same thing happened to us when my brother Jeff died in strange circumstances the stress made my Dad who had COPD very ill, I did not get to his funeral as it snowed heavy and the funeral was over an hours drive away at 9am my sister made the arrangements without a thought for people who had to travel, got up early to go took all my meds as soon as I stepped outside it set my breathing off so had to go back to bed I felt so bad at not going but some times things are out of our control eh?

Please make sure you look after yourself too and give your Dad our very best wishes. take it easy if you can

Julie xxx

Thanks for your wishes will keep you all informed about my dad

Ah! Decor my heart goes out to you, big hug,thinking of you.xxxxxx

Read your message with sadness, decor. Everything happens at once. So hard to bear and to cope with it all. All my very best wishes from Annieseed xxx

Decor, prayers and hugs for the both of you.

Tina x

Thank you all it is so nice to have so many great friends even if we don't get to meet

I'm sorry you were unable to be at the funeral, but like you say at least you were able to be with your Dad, must be one of the times when you can honestly say everything happens for a reason. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your Dad gets well. Take care of yourself too. love anna xx

So sorry for this news Décor. Thinking of you and your Dad.

BC x

My heart goes out to you Decor, when you are not very well yourself. I hope your Dad improves - it is going to be very hard for him to come to terms with sweet. I'm sure your brother would have wanted you to be with your Dad. Take care of yourself too.

Will be thinking of you both.

Love cx

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Remember to keep yourself as healthy as you can, i am sure it is easy to lose yourself.

Hugs kevin

My prayers are with both of you.Take care


So sorry Decor. You are going through a terrible time at the moment. I lost my dad 4 and a half years ago and, as you know, my mum very recently. I know exactly what you are going through and its so stressful. Just keep hoping for the best and keep your fingers crossed. I am sure your dad really appreciates you being there for him.

You are in my thoughts and prayers love.

Love and hugs Bev xxxxx

Hugs, hugs and more hugs xxx

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