went town this morning.on the bus to town it stopped for over 2o minits/due to long line traffic with tram lines being layed,i asked the driver to letme of,no cant open the doors ,I said the pavement is there /no cant do it,i said ive got copd .he replied well it be ok wont defrozed yet/I said its nothing do with a fridge.well is it 1 of the new gadgets consoles/ then a man and woman got up and the man said let us of now my wife as copd as well/bloudy driver asked how much is copd then must be selling good.i wen I could manage tell him wat it was.he said never heard of it is it a newish problem/I asked him if he smoked.yes since he was 9yrs .I said u ever get cough or wheezing or chest problems,yes every morn just have a cig im rite then,and get abs of dc wen chest playing up.i told him id never heard of copd either u want go dcs,no am ok today ,god give me strenthg,he let us of the bus as the man was not moving till he let us of,got of the bus I thanked the couple,he said its fine /but don't think the driver nos wat he mite have leave him to it,

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  • Weel, that was a good read, caroll. Amazing how ignorant some people can be, isn't it. With a smile, I did find it a little hard to get the meaning of your message. I was really interested in what you had to say. Love from Annieseed xx

  • hi aniseed ,1st time ive done a blog.was so p,,sed of with dunm driver thought id share it,he is 62 as I asked him is age,he didn't not no wat copd was /appen he is thinking now wen he lites up coughing/its not freezerable or game thing ,take care

  • Some of these bus drivers think they're right comedians don't they? Hopefully he won't find out the hard way what COPD is - but by the sounds of it, I reckon he just might. Well done to the couple on the bus. There are some decent people about still. :) xx

  • hi yes as I was ready for the swear words but the couple was annoyed to.he told me his wife as it and gets a bit claustr as well,we laughed wen we got of on the it freezable or a new games things god ,I wish

  • Just goes to show that people who don't have a lung problem really haven't heard of COPD. I find that I've become claustrophobic these days which I never used to be particularly.

  • Me neither, I was never bothered by confined places, but I am now. I have to have a window open, even if it means my curtains hang horizontally!

  • I couldn't agree more with open windows. I have a friend, who is poorly in many ways. But her lungs are ok - the only part of her, poor girl, but she will not have her windows open. During the years when my daughter was in Dubai, and sister in the US: I used to dislike their A/C. I found it claustrophobic - the windows had to be closed.

  • Is it anywhere nr Oldham ospital,I'm not sure were Ashton rd is

  • Yes claustrophobia is one of the nasties, part and parcel of COPD.

    I can't use my bathroom,it's got no window on the outside wall,only a fan inside,apparently CREADO tells me it's quite common! along with Anxiety,Panic Attacks,loss of confidence,and many other symptoms,of this wretched illness. Many people do not understand,because they do not see the physical outward signs,we are often written off as incurable complainers! .

  • Enjoy your Breathe Easy


  • Sorry ,what is breathe easy,I lve nr Royton

  • hi meg ive just read ur profile it said exactly the same as louise 1969.all same description,an were u live an ur family history so who are u really

  • Im the same person ,my name is Margaret Louise actually,I had trouble getting back on the new site ,so had to sort a new name and password,no mystery it's my name really

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