Suffer in silence?

Are you like me who suffers in silence or like my hubby who grunts and moans when he is moving around. I know he is in pain and love him to bits and will do anything for him but he is driving me mad.

It is even a pleasure to go out shopping now, I get in the car and give out a big sigh the silence is golden.

Bet you think I am awful.

polly xx

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  • Polly, not awful just human.

    Mandy xxx

  • Not at all as Mandy says we're only human.

    Liz x

  • oooh No - I get a little irritated by my husbands moans and I do love him. BUT oh dear lord some days I am glad for a minute on my own. Take care TAD xxx

  • Not awful in the slightest :) xx I find that I will whinge for Britain if I have the teeniest little cut but when it is a big deal, silence is golden.

  • My late husband had dementia i felt guilty because i enjoyed the hour on my own when he had gone to bed it was the only break i got ,but i would do it all again xx

  • I notice that it is all the ladies that are moaning. Us poor men have to put up with partners that never, ever stop talking. How would you cope then?

    Bobby xxx

  • Big sigh, Bobby, life is hard for you!! A monastery where the monks observe silence, and absolutely no nuns!!

  • No nuns! No good to me then.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Listen and obey ha ha xx

  • I am sure it works both ways Bobby.

    polly xx

  • I don't think so Polly. Research revealed that women have to speak 3,000 more words a day than men. Proven fact. I rest my case.....cos it's getting heavy

    Bobby xxxx

  • Why do women speak more than men - to try and get the point they are making into deaf ears and an argumentative mind.

  • Well said anniessed. Sorry Bobby :(

  • Yes but women speak such sensible words xx

  • At least us women are more stoical then you men Bobby :)

    Bev x

  • I wouldn't know a stoic if I tripped over it Bev.

    Bliddy women all pickin' on me.

    Bobby xxx

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