Spare Battery for Portable Oxygen Concentrator

I do not know where to mention this and apologise if it shouldn't be on here. Maybe someone could direct me to where I can put it.

Do any of you who live in the Newcastle upon Tyne area know of anyone who might be interested in buying a spare battery for a portable oxygen concentrator?

Until three weeks ago I used a concentrator and because the setting level was later set so high, I bought a spare battery (used it once).

I have now had to go back to cylinders so the battery is sitting at home. I paid £350 for it.

It is a battery for an Invacare XPO2 which was supplied to me by BOC but they don't supply a 2nd battery which I needed.

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  • You might be able to advertise it in the British Lung Foundation magazine which has a section for second hand oxygen equipment. Give them a ring and ask, it's worth a try.

  • Many thanks. Will phone them.

  • Hi Dangirlone,

    Just in case anyone is interested, it would help to say which portable concentrator it fits. For instance, I have an Airsep Freestyle and I am fairly sure that I could not fit / replace the battery.

    It might also be helpful to contact the local breathe easy club to see if any of their members might be interested.

  • Thank you Easybreather.

    I had said it is for an Invacare XPO2 Concentrator. I am going to contact BLF and will try to contact local Breathe Easy Groups too.

  • So sorry Dangirlone - had my early morning head on, the one before the brain cell kicks in! Mind you, the one after is not that good either!

  • ebay or a place like that, should have new or used for sale

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