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when I inhale my wind pipe feels (nervey) (stretched), i notice that i do not breath in deeply because of it, or it will make me cough,

sometimes i will produce a yellow mucousy discharge usually in the morning when i start to get energetic,it seems like the mucous builds up during the night and then i have a coughing attach, i have recently had trouble with SOB but i have not been diagnoised with anything as of yet, at my recent physcial the doctor said my lung sound clear, I took the spirometry test and the where good , i am going to follow up next week, but does anyone have any idea, if this is just Allergies or the start of something,and possible what questions to ask. i know this sounds minor but it has made working hard and sleeping difficult.

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Difficult to answer without more detail but I experience that too. If you are able to produce a sputum sample and take that to your doctor it may help them to give a better diagnosis. If you have the cough for more than a few weeks don't let them fob you off though. Ask them to consider a chest X-ray and/or referral to a chest specialist if you are still worried. Suggest you ring the BLF Helpline tomorrow for their advice. 03000 030 555


clear your nose with a netty pot in the morning and at nite


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