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Yippie, PR starts Tuesday!

Out of the blue on Thursday I received a call from a Helen in the PR team 'they'd had a cancellation and could I make it by 2pm Friday to meet them'?

Of course I said yes please.

As I was a hundred miles away at the time it was a bit stressful getting there in time because I couldn't leave before 11.30. Sadly my 2 & 1/2 hour journey took over 3 hours so I arrived late to apologise, not expecting them to see me. I was really stressed.

The 3 of them were so kind. A physio, a student physio and an OT. Unbelievably patient.

Anyway i did the tests and I'm joining the group, starts this week, Tues & Fri for 6 weeks. Yahoo, I'm so excited to get the opportunity, thought I would have to be more ill.

I've already made a start. I always used to run up the escalators on the Tube (only 3 years ago :( ) but of course don't now. Last night I went to a show in the West End. 3 times when confronted with an 'up' escalator I took a very deep breath and went for it, (walking up I mean, not running). I made it half way each time! Mind over matter?

I don't know but I did feel a lot better for it during the night when I wasn't SOB when I got up. Been struggling a bit lately with SATs going down to 90 during night.

I know the exercise will be good for me and set me on a good path. Hopefully it will keep the serotonin levels up too so I won't get low (I've felt myself slipping lately) and start me on good habits.

All in all a very good end to my week when I actually earned some money too :D !

Roll on Tuesday. P xxxx

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Good for you Peeg. I start mine on Monday. Should have started about 3 months ago but first I was ill and the my cataract op came up. Consultant signed me off last Thursday and I phoned the PR people straight away. They fast tracked me in for Monday. I am really looking forward to it.

Love from Bobby xxx

Yay. We'll be dead fit (whoops, poor description but you know what I mean :-) )!

Good luck tomorrow with yours Bobby. P xx

Thanks Peeg. and good luck with yours too.

Bobby xxx

How was it? x Peeg

Very pleased for you peeg on getting a place with the PR course...AND for tackling that escalator...O, YEAH !!! :)

All the best and have a good day on Tuesday,

Lovelight xxx

Thank you Lovelight - you take care of your back now xxx

Our minds can have such a huge impact on what we can and cannot do - they say the worst thing about fear is fear itself. Tell yourself you can and it really does help you achieve what you need to achieve. Within your limits of course. Have fun with your PR - at least you will be among people in the same boat and so won't feel 'different' or awkward. :) xx

Did have a good puff on the blue one before I set off. I'm looking forward to meeting people who understand. Sometimes it's like living a secret life, most folks I know, including family, haven't got a clue. Thanks xxx

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I was allowed to bring my semi-surly son to one of the PR classes - he had his eyes opened and was better able to understand what people with breathing problems go through. Did him the world of good ! :) xx

Hi just read your post so glad you like re hab & you wrote the same as I would off about people not having a clue am in same mind frame love to hear more from you support each other & others thankyou Bernadette x c

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you're right about the fear thing. What was that book from the 90's? Feal the Fear & Do it Anyway. Perhaps I should dig it out from the hidden gems from my past :)

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Good luck to both of you. Berwick xxxx

Oh, come on you Guys!!!!!!! I don't know what 'PR' is!!!!

I'm assuming that it's ehabilitation' (it took me ages to think of that). Then again it could be 'Prehistoric Rhetoric' or 'Public Railways' (took me a long time to think of those too).

What is it?

Whatever it is, Peeg seems to be very happy about it which is good. I'd still like to know what it is (I expect hat you think I am as thick as two short planks of wood).

Love and hugs




Oh Annec

It stands for Penile Redundency. It affects mainly older men. lol

Bobby xxxx

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Oh Bobby

Please Refrain from discussing your Pleasure Ratio on this forum. lol.

It took me ages (about 5 hours) to think of that reply.



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Haha, I'll let you know if anyone mentions any p---- redundancy, I'm just in for the rehab - of a pair of worn out sacs, used to be a healthy pair until recently.

Lungs they used to be called...............

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Good luck on the course peeg

Enjoy your courses, Peeg and Bobby, and do tell us all about them. :)

Sandra x x x

Go for it,stick with it and most of all enjoy it


Thank you very much everyone :D

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