Armed Forces Day.............Proud to be British

...................................Armed Forces Day

An estimated 70,000 people descended on Nottingham today to celebrate Armed Forces Day

Some of the events that took place were:-

Foie du joie with 100 Regt Royal Artillary firing 105mm light guns.

Drumhead service

Parade from Nottingham castle to Market Square

Kings Troop Royal Artillery musical drive

Nottingham Musical Schools Band

Erin Parker -souds of the Forties

The Band of HM Royal Portsmouth(Royal Band)

Nottinghamshire Army Cadet Force Band

Royal Air Force Falcons Parachute Display Team

Defence Animal Centre Dog Display

Sea Cadets Corps Hornpipe Display Team

Royal Navy and Royal Marine Dynamic Display

Royal Army Physical Training Corps Display Team

Kings Troop RHA,Musical Drive

Military Wives-Marham Bluebirds


And those famous FLY PASTS:-

The Red arrows

RAF Typhoon aircraft

Hawker Sea Fury of the Royal Navy Historic Flight

Dakota from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Lancaster,Spitfire and Hurricane from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial flight

Royal Navy Lynx helicopter and Fairy Swordfish from the Royal Navy Historic Flight






Be a trooper and join BE & BLF

Phone 03000 030 555 Mon - Fri 10am 6pm for information

Calls charged at local rate

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  • That is so impressive, as a daughter whose father was in the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit. I saw on the news tonight, that it had been cancelled in Luton, which upset the older people. I could give a guess as to the reason, but aint talking.

  • What a shame,pointing on disgustig annieseed

  • The People who demonstrate against the heroes, who should never be allowed in this country are behind it and the police are to scared to arrest them for behaviour liable to cause a breach of the peace, but if anyone says anything to them they get arrested that is racial discrimination!

  • I wish I knew,here in Lincoln hardly anything.

  • We need to celebrate our armed forces,where would we be without them.? And praise for those that have perished

  • Sounds like a great day Richard - yeah can understand your pride. :) xx

  • My chest was bursting!

  • Nice link Toci, looked for Richard - MIA I reckon :) x

  • Did you blink scrobbity?

  • Thank you toci

  • We had the North Wales one last week & took the grandkids, my brothers were in the forces & my eldest was in the Welsh Guards, very proud of all of them, baby bro was a green beret,

    God Bless our brave boys & girls


  • Big respect Karen xxx

  • You have every right to be proud of them Karen

  • Amazing very well done Nottingham no wonder your so proud All we had here locally was the staff in Greggs dressed in forces uniform and 1 optician decorated there shops so very dissapointing we should celebrate and support our armed forces it's part of what makes this country so great. My guess would be the authorities too scared of the PC brigade, to stand up to them To all those who did get involved well done and thank you So pleased you posted this King thank you xxx

  • Well said Julie xx

  • Hear hear Julie :) I think you're spot on re the pc brigade.

    Sandra x x x

  • Nowheeze.I have no words for the pc brigade

  • Julie.I was amazed at what happened in Nottingham,,too much to see it all

  • -- and yet how sad that hundreds of our brave forces have been killed in Afghanistan ,at a cost of 15 million pounds A DAY which has achieved absolutely nothing, a terrible waste of young lives and a shocking waste of a colossal amount of money which could have been used to SAVE LIVES and ease the life of millions of disabled people ........

  • agree,never should have been sent to Afghanistan,waste of so many lives /as always the money never gets spent were its needed most at home /blair bush brown should hang there heads in shame/but do they no they strut around like they are the heroes .raking in millions with there chat shows books etc etc/and even now still stikung there greedy beeks in/,makes me spew wont even have them on my tv,

  • Agree with you all the way, vittorio. WW2 - we knew who were fighting, and they were worrying times, but at least we were protecting our own country and the rest of Europe. Only hope that we wont get into places like Egypt and Syria. But it does gives our politicians self importance if they can take the country to war. They get a buzz.

    I have to state that I am not politically minded - they ALL get on my nerves.

  • agree annieseed all mps the same just word it different

  • Very true vittorio

  • good all round report.always help the heroes stall in Oldham weekly I give in collections what I can/weekly ,god bless all of them past and late dad was a gunner,

  • Hi carroll.You are a good one in helping the heros

  • this mornings papers show,24million owed by overseas visitors using nhs,hunts chasing it up ,needs hurry up then be fore January wen rest come,think 24 is just the tip of the iceberg,wat treatment do we get /5minute chat with gp in and out ,half of us get sent home in a an e without proper treatment ,shambles ,

  • A sad state of affairs caroll

  • hi yes very sad,army givs there all.we worked best part of our lifes but who is reheaoing the rewards not not never have been racist I say all live as 1 in uk/bit does it go like that no,hear in Oldham after the riots never got better still the of hear is non white all good areas to go a an e have wait long hours and pplnty of non English in mostly immigrants ,they need treatment same as us/but did blair brown think ahead of houses schools hospitals etc no .its like we had a open gate and still do without any mp using there should I say it brain ,no hunt saying any1 coming will have pay gp 1st etc hope im there in the que to see it,take care

  • At least the NHS is moving forward in giving the public chance to voice it's opinions and to participate in PPG' and CCG's

  • agreed there

  • I have a niece and a greatniece working for the NAAFI out in Afghanistan and the sum total of the celebrations out there seems to be giving free drinks to the squaddies according to my nieces facebook.


  • Hi Gail.They need a drink out there!

  • I'm proud to say that Cardiff put on a wonderful display for Armed Forces Day yesterday.

    It was attended by thousands. As the mum of two boys who served 25 and 30 years in the Royal Navy, I'd like to say a big thank you, to all the men and women who risk there lives on a daily basis, so as the rest of us can get on with theirs.

  • Thank you for that information letys.Cardiff is a wonderful city

  • so proud my 16yr old grandson Taylor is an air cadet & he was in the armed forces day parade here in Medway Kent, unfortunately l wasnt able to watch cause of my health. Anyway he was marching along with our real heroes soldiers airmen & sailors. They were marching from the royal engineers barracks just across the road from me to what is called the great lines other family members went on the march on the pavement, his mum said amazing day lots of fun after parade Taylor feeling proud & said how great it was. He had stopped of here before he left for the parade looked amazing l am a very proud nan. So would my dad be he was an engineer in ww2 fighting in north africa italy & sicily. I am just a bit sad more wasnt shown on TV

  • You have every right to be a proud Nan graciepie

    My granddaughter is in the Terretorial Army and I am also very proud of her

  • you have every right to be proud as well l know he's only 16 but after yesterday he's now thinking of signing up for 4yrs with the army even though he's an air cadet so he told me this afternoon, after his squadron completed a 9mile walk to raise money for cancer, on his own he's raised £350 already. Yep definitely proud nanny

  • Good on him.It is so nice to hear about good teenagers.

  • Sounds like Nottingham did our services proud, here in Coventry there was a church service for all forces in Trinity church and one or two other tributes going on.As a mother, wife, sister-in-law and daughter of ex service personal I appreciate the tributes but confess it makes me sad for those we have lost needlessly on occasions. My son as just come out after 22years in the modern day army, he's one of the fortunate ones who came back from war.Times have not changed my brother-in-law was killed over fifty years ago at the young age of only 20.His name appears on the role of honour at Larkhill and the wall in Alrewas at the national arboretum.

  • I am pleased that Coventry did something for our forces

  • There were loads of things happening all over Southend Essex all weekend and Rayleigh had an event on Saturday. Any one on facebook can see whats been happening in southend

    My little cousin served in the army and had two tours in Bosnia. She was a paramedic. Her childrens father also is a soldier.

  • Well done to Southend and your familly

  • thanks Richard xx

  • We had a forces day here in Worthing held in The Steine with the main attraction being the Band of the Rifles. Respect to them all.

  • I hope you were able be there.Well done Worthing

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