Get me to the church on time

I mentioned in my last blog the fact we were supposed to be at a wedding today, my brother's stepdaughter.

My mum nearly wasn't with us at all on Tuesday/ Wednesday, but miraculously we made the church on time......just.

Her potassium levels were to low, so last night she had a drip with potassium in it. She had a blood test this morning to see if it was within normal limits, and if so we could go the church.

The wedding was at one o'clock, at twelve, we were still awaiting blood results. She had a bath and one of the nurses kindly did her hair, so we just had to wait.

Eventually, they came back within range, so I helped her throw some clothes on, sort out a portable oxygen cylinder and mask and off we went.

I think her wheelchair had flames coming off it, and I'm sure I was speeding, but we did it with five minutes to spare.

It was a lovely service, and the bride was stunning, so beautiful. She gave my mum a kiss and was really chuffed we made it. It's a shame we couldn't have gone to the hotel for the full 'do' as was planned, but I'm so glad she made the actual wedding, it made her week.

Took her back to hospital, and she is absolutely worn out, and very sore.

When she fell, it turns out she has broken several ribs, she is black and blue.

I am knackered, pyjamas on, brew and chocolate biccies

Val xx

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  • I am so happy you both made the service. Well earned rest now? x

  • Oh love her to pieces - she must be made of tough stuff your mum. So glad you made it to the wedding - knew it in my bones it would work out. :)

    Lots of rest and choccy biscuits :) xx

  • So glad you both made the wedding and it all went well

  • So gald she made it to the church Val - you must be exhausted! Take care


  • That's wonderful you both made the wedding. So glad to hear that. Now, time to put your feet up and have a well earned rest :)

    Sandra x x x

  • That's great Val, must have bucked your mum up no end. Libby x

  • Thank you to all of you, you make this roller coaster easier.

    Your good wishes and advice, especially when I thought we were going to lose her, have meant so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Very pleased that you both got to see the bride sorry you could not go to the reception. It would have done your mum the world of good i can imagine Sit back and enjoy your biccies and rest your mums so lucky to have such a caring daughter


  • There is nothing like a wedding to lift the spirit eh? So glad you both got there,

    It must be the day for weddings, Teagan was at one today & she is here & still buzzing about it :D



  • What a lovely account, getting your mum to the church. Nothing like a wedding, I enjoyed that.

  • Prayers are answered.Pleased you all had a nice day


  • Glad u both made it x

  • Phew! Well done in getting to the church on time and it sounds like it was well worth it. Hope your mum is doing ok today and you too Val. Take care. xxxxx

  • How wonderful that you got her there, bet she was beaming from ear to ear. Hope she had a good night after her day out.

    polly xx

  • Glad you and your mum made the church Val, not surprised you are worn out, hope the chocolate biscuits energised you a bit. Hope your mum is better soon.

    anna xxxx

  • Hi jambo was asking where we get are nicknames from. Mine is grand slam because I play bridge. Does anyone else play bridge.

  • Soooooo pleased for you both.

    Love cx

  • Oh Val so glad that you got the church with your Mum. With much love TAD xx

  • Thank you, all of you, we are both recovering now. I think I was more knackered than mum lol

    Val xx

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