Memory lane.1930's,40's,50's,60's, 70's.80's.What did your Mum/Dad keep in their cupboards?.....................KOTC

,......................CUPBOARDS:- Medical



........................................................Writing bureau

...........................................................Chest of drawers

.............................................................Secret box(you must not look in there)

................................................................Outside Dunnie/Lav

..................................................................Record Cabinet


My Mum always kept a tin of black treacle as a cure all in the kitchen cupboard.YUK

What did yours keep?



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  • Black Jack ointment and blood medicine (can't remember the name of it)

    Darning mushroom

    Liberty bodice with rubber buttons for me

    must be many more.

    polly xx

  • I didn't have a liberty bodice! but I can remember my mum darning my socks on the mushroom,saved her knitting a new pair pollyxx

  • I remember the liberty bodice well, It used to pull your ears off when Mom took it off,

  • Malt,horrid stuff,my grandmas tablets,mogadons she called the larder i always remember was rows and rows of packets of dried peas,pea shooter ammo ha ha .and my dads British tommy helmet in the corner,we kept eggs in it.

    In the shed was all my grandpas fishing gear,he got me stared into that,and an old Honda 50 moped,it never worked,a coal bunker and loads of old tools,it wash great playground .lol

    Outside logo we had a rabbit and white he was and we called him minstrel.very original.:)

  • We used to have great fun playing in and with stuff in the sheds.A lot of pretend games


  • Sorry,outside loo

  • I had bronchitis the whole time from the age of about 3-7 or even most of the time till 10, and I remember my Mum kept the disgusting "white cough mixture" in the kitchen and would try to get me to drink a spoonful all the time.

    I was on antibiotics constantly but didn't mind tablets it was the revolting sweet fake taste and smell of "white cough mixture" I dreaded, she would chase me around the kitchen trying to get me to take it. YUCK.

    Other than that, my mums kitchen had two doors back then, one onto the side pavement and the other leading to the loo then the garden. She still lives there but has blocked in the side door to make space for a washing machine.

    I remember frozen "Chocolate Lovelies" they were frozen desserts made of chocolate sort of custardy mousse and a pretty cream decoration in white on top. I used to steal them and hide them in my room to eat later haha. I also stole ice creams and did the same, obviously too young to realise that ice cream melts LOL :-) That's how I learned about freezing, thawing and melting haha.

    Oh, and I was born in Dec '66.


  • No freezing in my day,only freezing cold

  • Arghh . . butter and vinegar for sore throat . . . . .

    Rose Hip Syrup . . . . . .

    And those awful powdered Beechams Powders.

    And one saying that I still don't get even to this day

    If any of us children could not find anything the answer

    would be

    "Up in Annies Room"

  • My mum used to say that to me but I never did find Annies room

  • My Dad kept his pipe and tobacco in his cupboard along with wine and brandy. Later on he stopped smoking when i was 10 and replaced the pipe with a jar with the gallstones they had taken out, which he proudly showed people haha!

  • That's a bit of a 'gally' story koala

  • In the pantry, various packets of dried veg and pulses, a brown paper bag with cloves in, ate one once, omg vowed never to pinch anything from the pantry again! Wellies, old hoover vacuum cleaner with cloth bag, big tin full of shoe cleaning stuff - cloths, creams and various brushes, hooks for coats and various jars with nails and things you might need one day! Also, mum always made her own jam and marmalade so they were kept there too. Also, the previous year's home made christmas pudding which was always kept a year to mature.

  • Sounds a bit like my mums.Oh those Hoover cloth bags it always seemed to be my job to empty them libby

  • My step mum had a large a4 envelope in her bureau she told me she had to burn it when my father died it looked full and fat never found out what was in because she did as my father asked !!!

  • The mystery remains.Damned annoying newlands

  • Me so's i couldn't get up to no good,

    meds. compo. Fireyjack, milk or magnesia, elastoplast, castor and olive oil, bay rum

    pantry. pots, pans, crockery, bucket of coal and kindling and knotted news papers, demi johns of cordials, bottles of god knows what.

    kitchenette bread,cheese, crackers, biscuits, jams, marmalade, tinned fruit, pickles canteen of cutlery

    under the sink. scrubbing brush and carbolic, washing soda, ant powder, rags, brasso , polish, blanco, fly tapes, and other stinky sfuff

  • Scrubbing brush and a bar of carbolic,Stop it mum you're hurting !

  • Yep sure does,

  • My mother always had a stack of candles in case of power cuts, so do I now....definately turned into my mother!

    My father and I used to share a tin of pink Gibbs block had to wet the brush and scrub it over the block ....I got lots of fillings and gaps now, wonder why?

  • I had forgotten about teeth cleaning that way,horrible knitter

  • Forgot.... I used to have to cut up newspaper to use as toilet paper in my grandmother's house.. those were the days!

  • Newspaper squares for the familly,Izal toilet paper for guests

  • King, you are bending my brain again. Anyone recall easiworks, pantries, kitchen boiler next to the oven with accompanying dust. Then there was the coat cupboard, which was also used as an air raid shelter during the war. My mother, my sister, me and the dog on an old mattress.

    Cupboard on the stairs was for pickled runner beans in salt (ruined). A glove drawer on legs was in the hall.

    Outside the kitchen door, was a coal store and then the outside loo. Outside the kitchen was an area surrounded by trelliswork and roses. In this area, hidden was the washing line. Underwear was not be seen by visitors!! At the bottom of the garden was a cesspit, emptied whenever. I remember the smell. There was an attic adjacent to one of the bedrooms - being a nosey kid, I used to go through the contents.

    I am sure that nobody remembers combinations, knickers and vest in one. Knickers were split, I presume we wore a pair over them. and they were rough.

    I could go through all the medicinal items, but they have mentioned already.BUT a big emphasis on keeping your bowels open.

    old fashioned wardrobes in walnut from Maples in London. Sorry, mates, I have bent my brain. Back whenever love annieseedxxx

  • Please come back with some more annieseed.You revitalise my memories

  • vicks vapor rub, aspro,elastoplast, milk of magnesia amongst others. Every wednesday I'd come home from school to find my aunties volvo outside the house and in the pantry a big tray or 2 full of goodies from my uncle's bakery.

  • Lucky you ann,still loving those types of goodies to this day are we?

  • most certainly am but have to pay for them now :)

    Ann x

  • Hi All I wonder if any of you ever had Brimstone & Treacle on the pantry shelf ? We were made to take it even though it had a disgusting taste.


  • Hi Brian.Remember it well YUCK

  • Can anyone remember Kaolin and Morphine .You used to heat it up in a pan of water? There was also some white medicine that looked and tasted like frog spawn I think it was for stomach upsets

    I found a copy of Lady Chaterleys Lover hidden behind the coke boiler in the boiler house.

  • Hi Gail.Did Lady Chaterleys Lover change your life forever?

  • What were those really hot sweets that were popular? I know you can still purchase them.

    I found out recently that in the old days they had cannabis in them . . . I reckon my mum and

    dad must have been high most of the time. lol

    xx Ros xx

  • I can remember Dad having some sweets, boiled ones on a Friday from the market they were called paragaric, excuse spelling big brown ones with a funny smell, He was a very happy little man too.x x

  • Was it 'Fishermans Friends' ?????

    xx Ros xx

  • Correct

    A man went to court and he had a terrible cough,the judge told him to suck a fishermans friend.He said''Your honour that is what I am up before you today for''

  • 1930s...Henry Hall ...Geraldo.. difficult because I was knee high to a slippery worm but if I really scraped my memory box ....the day that WW 2 broke out. How it changed my whole life.

  • Andrew's Liver Salts .... yuck .... didn't matter what was up with you, you had to take it ... won't have it in my home now :)

  • I used to love them would take them without needing them, used to love that fizz

    polly xx

  • Fizzy.fizzy ,fizzy

  • Goose grease for a chesty cough. Large jar cod liver oil and malt taken on a large spoon each day (i loved it) borax and dolly blues Rubbing board to get stains out of clothes and Lifebuoy soap.Large fireguard to dry dads work overalls on each Sunday.near coal fire. Only had one pair. Oil lamp used to keep pipes in outside loo from freezing up in winter..

  • Poor goose!

  • an eartherware bottle with popper top and pop inside

  • Popping back a bit,aren't you?

  • Washing dolly, nan used it in the bath.

    polly xx

  • Funnily enough I remember best what was in my lovely Gran's cupboards. She had nice things like her best china, a bowl of tomatoes that she let me steal from, and SWEETIES.

    She kept a rag bag in the cupboard under the stairs which was possibly one of the most exciting things about my childhood. She was gentle and kind, like an angel.

    Mum on the other hand had cod liver oil, Friars Balsam the most disgusting sticky cough medicine or cure all. Then there was some other ghastly stuff that went into hot water, towel over head. It was also very sticky and got in my hair for which I'd be punished. Rather wish I'd not reopened that one, some cupboards are best left firmly shut!

  • One door open another door closed

  • well cannot remember parent's cupboards etc. as with both Dad's in the Navy we moved around a lot but do remember at my grandmothers she had the most amazing Victorian (I think) manual devise that peeled potatoes beautifully. It was a metal container into which you put the potatoes and then turned a handle several times and it peeled them - do not know where hers went probably on the tip but would love to get another one - wonderful device, she also had an implement that cut green beans into lovely slim sliced beans. Thanks Richard for the memories xx

  • Time savers,aren't all these new electric gadgets suppose to do that?

  • AND that old iron bath for us kids to share in front of the fire.


    xx Ros xx

  • The good old days

  • Compo which tasted like pepper it was for colds Chest infections and stomach Achei horrible Browne liquid

  • Angiers Junior aspirin they were Orange

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