Do any one get pain which.feels like in the lung like a dull aking pain in one lung then

like if it is in the two lungs at same time. Wife said go to hospital if it is bad as i have had it since yesterday morning .she told me this .This afternoon no i said can't drive not like this she said ask James my oldest maybe later she done food after food i said to her i do not mind now as i have had food she stopped and said why do you mind now as

i have had food now so do not mind. So i said to James if i get worstyou can take me in the

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  • Is The Pits .... Have You Had Green Mucus Or Been Coughing A Lot As Coughing A Lot Will Cause Pain

    But Yes A Have Pain Esp If I Have Chest Infection .... Told My GP And He Said It Will Be Strain Or Muscle Pain So I Asked How Come It Go's When I Use Releaver Inhaler

    Anyway I Would Go See GP Or Hospital ...

    All The Best :)

  • Was in the docs on Thursday i seen a locam i think as not seen her before .

    And she said all clear no infection .same cough for last year .

    But i have had a lot of attacks lasting from a couple of min to 15 mins

    but if i take 2 zapain and 1 deiedacoden the pain gos for a bit .see how i go today

  • Hi david,

    Good to see your painkillers are giving you a bit of relief!

    Codeine has a cough surpressant action too.

    Enjoy you weekend, as best as you can!


  • i hope that you will have a more comfortable weekend, David - love and best wishes from annieseedxx

  • Try to have a good weekend David. If you are no better by Monday I would go and see your GP again just to be on the safe side.

    Best regards


  • I have often had that same dull aching pain my dr said it was probably muscular from all the coughing I do. If it continues get it check out.

  • me too , doctor said muscular pain, will go away, but if you have green mucus ,you need to get check, with copd you think you just have a cold and then it tairs you down .

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