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Advice Please for a Newby to BLF



Thanks to Jennyren I hope this is what you meant

I am a new poster to BLF site but have been reading all your post for a long time now and must say what a lovely bunch of people you are and so supporting to each other.

I just wondered whether you think I could get attendance allowance for my husband who is 80 years old with a number of health problems including Emphysema/bronchiactisis/diabetes/and glaucoma along with several other heart related conditions.He has had emphysema for a number of years but following a very bad time this last winter it has left him very short of breath and unable to do very little for himself.

He attends the hosp chest clinic regular and seems to get diagnosed with all sorts of different infections that a/b never seem to clear,he also attends the local GP's copd clinic.

I note that most of you seem to have to fight for any benefits that you should be entitled to so I wonder whether A/A is any different to DLA.

I can't face filling in these lengthy forms if there isn't a lot of chance getting it so I am looking to you all for advice.

Best wishes Macie

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Sorry don't know the answer, but wanted to say hi and a very very big welcome to the site I think there will be a few along who will be able to help xxx Julie

Hi Macie - welcome to the site on your first blog. The BLF Helpline which is open Monday to Friday on 03000 030 555 are an excellent first port of call for advice on Attendance Allowance. Hopefully Gordon will be around to give you some good advice too. :) x


Same as Julie,good luck,hope someone can advise you properly.welcome though,I hope you can join in xxx


Hi Macie me again


Big welcome, Macie. It is useful to blog and you will meet such nice, friendly good people. Not much cop at forms, myself, but I am sure someone will be along to help you xx

Phone the BLF Helpline fr any advice 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 10am 6pm.They are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Calls are charged at local rate or they will phone you back if you like

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Hi Macie

Your local council should have a Welfare Rights department. Mine actually came round to my house to fill in the forms with me. You could give yours a ring. Or you can go to Citizens Advice but they are pretty snowed under at the moment.

Bobby xx

Hello and welcome to the site. :)

Hello and welcome. x

Hi Macie

welcome to you and your husband.

You would apply for DLA if your husband was under 65. As your dh is 80 then it would be Attendance Allowance you would be applying for. Sorry to hear of all the health issues your hubby has. remember it is not the conditions you have but how much care you need because of them. It is definitely worth applying as he may well be entitled. I would not fill in these forms yourself, but would enlist the help of a benefits expert. Personally, like Bobby, I have been very impressed with Welfare Rights who will not only come out to your home but will check if you are entitled to any other benefits, although I have heard good reports about CAB and DIAL. Like everything it depends who you get. Like your friends above say it would be helpful to contact BLF.

Good luck hun.

Love cx

AgeUk filled in my forms for me, I rang them, they made an appointment and came to me. They know how to word the answers to get good results. Keep smiling

Carole x

I claimed Attendance Allowance for my 93yearold mother as she is partially sighted.

The CAB filled in the form, she needed a letter from her consultant. It is non means tested and there are two different rates.

If you type in Attendance Allowance on your computer you can see the details.

really worth applying for

Do you have a social worker you could ask?

Hi Macie welcome to the site with your first blog, Attendance allowance is the one to go for and maybe even carers allowance too. The form is long as it has to cover all situations, all the places mentioned above are very helpful,there are also local law centres run by the council who help with benefit claims in bigger cities, some places have outreach benefit help sessions at the local church's.My local surgery do an advice session once a week, so it's worth asking what's available locally to help you make a claim,infact BLF may even know if you contact them.

Hi and welcome MACIE. :)

hi, and welcome, have elderly parents who are not able to claim anything, always knocked back as just over limits for claiming anything, they both late 70/80, seeing them struggle i contacted social services who sent attendance allowance forms, i filled them in for them both got it and it started the ball rolling so to speak for lots of other help, they now having wet room and stair lift fitted, have got poll tax paid etc, all from filling the forms in, even had a man contact them and come to house and filled pension credit forms in, it has been stressfull for them but ive done most of it, they now have no money worries and lots of help, hope this load of babble helps but it is worth asking for attendance allowance forms, it does lead to other help, xx

MACIE in reply to willowgirl

Hi thankyou every one for all the replies to my post they are all very helpful.I don't have a lot of support in my area but i have been in contact with local surgery GP who will support me in my claim so I am ready to go ahead with forms I will take my time and ask you all for any advice i need.We had a community matron at one time calling on him but she has been moved to another district and not replaced here.i will continue to post and let you know how things go

Regards Macie

I found it easy to apply for and get AA for my father, who although 86 at the time was still quite self sufficient and relatively active. Now he is 89 he needs it to pay for gardeners, maintenance etc but I was told it is rarely refused for the really elderly, but this may have changed with the Tories in power. Good luck.


hello Macie, nice to meet you. Here is a link that also maybe able to help you, once you open that page, there is a tab on the right hand side to find a local branch. good luck.

anna xx

Some local authorities have a council tax rebate for people with disabilities, you can look on line for your own council and fill in the form if they do.

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