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Ho, hum. Part 4

Ho Hum, It’s Friday again and here I sit all alone while the soap addicts get their Friday fix. Now I got to thinking, as I do when it is quiet, that there are lots of you out there that never put blogs or posts up. Many of you visit regularly and read the blogs then just sit quietly and watch. Are you worried about joining in? Do you see some of the fun going on and think it’s just for the same old members? Well my friend, it’s not.

If you are new to this site or even a regular watcher please jump in and join us. You don’t need to have perfect spelling or great grammar. It’s you and your story we are all interested in.

So, while there is only me here pop in and put a post up or write a blog. You will have made a start and I won’t be so lonely.

Love to all


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HI all newbies I,m sillywitch & just love chatting but feel I must give a heads up to any women joining in, (watch Bobby) :D :D

We would love to here from you all as Bobby says Jump right in, the waters lovely & we may be mad, but kind & supportive too :)



The Witch

Hi all - I'm Scrobbs - the chocolate addict and general head case. Please all join in - it's great fun and we would love to hear from you. We are extra good at tea and genuine sympathy if you have worries or need a rant.

Oh and men - Bobby needs allies quite desperately so get here now !!!! :) xx

Endorse all of above. Loads of names on the list. Many people reading this could have a great story to tell. Health warning coming up - watch Bobby - he is such a devil (Smiley)

Hi I don't usually post but I couldn't resist those pleas - not to mention chocolate! I'll try not to bore you all too much. I do love this site. You've managed to cheer me up, answer questions I hadn't got around to asking and sometimes the jokes have caused me to splutter coffee everywhere. Although I have COPD I'm lucky enough to be able to continue working, walking the dogs etc and although I don't usually have time to write anything the daily laugh is a great start to the day. Wishing you all much chocolate and whatever goodies take your fancy.

p.s Bobby I never watch soaps!


Hi Anne. We have met before in the distant past. I never forget a pretty face. It's nice to see you back on here and you are very welcome. Just don't keep us waiting so long next time.

Love from Bobby xxxx

PS If you don't watch soaps you are my friend for life.

Aw Bobbie I don't watch soaps either and you never said I was your friend for life. Going into mega sulk now............ :( :( :(

Didn't I? How very remiss of me. My deepest apologies. Of course you are my friend for life. I will even give you five kisses.

Bobby xxxxx

Great to hear from you Anne - thank you for the chocolately wishes :) xx Know exactly what you mean about coffee splattering over the screen - so I make sure it is well out of the way now before I read some of the blogs LOL

Great news on still being able to work and walk the dogs, it wasn't that long ago that I could do that too and still miss it. I just take life a bit slower now and do what I can and enjoy it to the fullest.

Hi Anne, lovely to meet you, coffee over screen is a side affect of the site & I,m sure someone is working on a window! wiper for it :D

Can I have any spare batwings you may have lying around?

Just in case of trouble you understand, they,re great for my spells



Hi I'm Anna, I'm a bit dim at times but apparently I can cook cake and nag people until I get a blood test that I need. I would love to hear from some that have been just visiting until now. Like Karen says the water is lovely - but it is not that deep so don't be scared if water is not your usual thing. :)

Thank you Bobby and all you lovely people. Just when I've dipped a toe in the water I'm being called away by a desperate springer spaniel who is dragging me out of the door for walkies. Sadly not like the jack russell in the old Yorkshire bitter advert. No alcohol will be involved.

Anne xx

hahaha!! don't you just love the timing dogs have ! you know what's coming next, just when someone walking towards you lol - don't forget your plastic bag hehehe

anna xx

Welcome Anne. x

Not the soaps but Scrabble for Me Bobby.

Why don't you join, there are a few on here that

have joined me already.

You gotta watch Carole (Oct) tho' she plays a pretty

mean game.

xx Ros xx

oooh far to clever for me Ros. I struggle to finish the Mail crossword every day.

Love from Bobby xxxx

There is fun and laughter daily on this site for everyone to enjoy.

Perhaps Bobby can give the ladies what they want and I will supply you with some fun and laughter


Your daily humour tonic

I haven't got enough to keep all these ladies happy Richard. Chocolate that is. lol


erm . . . give the ladies what they want? can you please rephrase that lol

xx Ros xx

Chocolate Ros. What on earth did you think I meant?

Bobby xxxx

I have chocolate , a whole 120 grams mmm I also have a large glass of merlot Glug glug

Keep it quiet. Scrobbity is about. lol

Bobby xxxx

Indeed I am. Your chocolate is safe Jennyren (for now........) LOL enjoy that merlot - having a slug of white zinfandel myself - cheers! :)

I'm not very good at sharing my choc, but I will share my wine, but be quick

Sorry been watching the tennis,welcome Anne,you can't miss me,I'm the good looking one...lol .don't let bobby or any of the others tell you differant.hope to hear more from you soon,xxx

I doff my cap to your superior handsomeness John. I just can't compete. he he. This is my new ploy John. Get the girls feeling sorry for me and they will be putty in my hands.


Now Bobby...... They already are ha ha :)

It's the quiet boys you all need to watch out for girls.My lips are sealed i'm saying nothing


Hello everyone. I'm about, altho am thinking about getting an early night xx

Hello young Chell, I wondered where you had got to. I was missing your chirpy little blogs. Nobody asking how we all are. And before you do, I am fine.

Love from Bobby xxxx

Hello Bobby, glad to hear your okay. What you up to this weekend? Xxxx

Not a lot. Thought I would do a bit of clubbin' and go on the pull. You?

Bobby xxxx

well? You pulled yet? ;)

Only twice but I'm taking it steady. I keep forgetting, when I've pulled 'em what do I do with them?

Bobby xxxx

If I jumped in it would cause an enormous splash and you would all get wet!!


Not as big as some on here I can assure you.

Bobby xxxx

trust me my willpower has deserted me and slimming world no longer works

My willpower is fine for 5/6 weeks then it just disappears out the window. Still, I am ONLY four stone overweight at the minute.

Bobby xxx

well today started really well then I went to a street fair and the WI were selling cakes, good job there wasn't an ice cream van or cream teas to finish it off

Hi Anne welcome to the madhouse I am the intelligent one sic.....................ducking now waiting for the brickbats.xxxx

Hi Anne, no I'm the intelligent one not exblonde, she does do a lovely barbecue though. My name's Lib and I love cup cakes. x

I don't give my name cos I think the people on here are aliens and once they get your name they will beam you up to their world and make you a slave, then they replace you on this site with one of themselves....................... For instance take the one called Bobbie, there is no way he can be a human. :P

Of course I am, am , am, am, am, am, Fault on module 5. Terminate.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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